Pain Killer of Choice

Contributor: Anne Anne
I have to take tylenol because all other pain killers interact with my medication. What do you all take normally?
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Contributor: Jenn (aka kissmykitty) Jenn (aka kissmykitty)
The good stuff.

Kidding. Well, not really. For horrific cramps or bad migraines, we have a mixture of leftover pain meds from various surgeries (mine). Percocet is the bomb diggity, but Dilaudid is nice and doesn't knock me out quite as badly as the other heavy hitters.

On the OTC front, I take Tylenol. I think Ibuprofen does a better job with inflammation, but I can't take NSAIDs. :/ So it's either Tylenol, or the really good stuff.
Contributor: KatPawz2003 KatPawz2003
My options are limited. Tylenol doesn't work at all, Alive and asprin I can't take due to ulcers, Excedrin doesn't work.... I am left with Advil which I have to take prescription does for or stick to prescription meds all together. That is what happens when you have had severe migraines since 3rd grade and also on the track to become a pro dancer for Broadway.
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
I don't usually take anything. I try to avoid medicine when I can and try to figure out what's at the root of the pain and deal with that issue.

I know my body pretty well and for me pain and headaches are usually only caused by 2 things. So if I have a headache I usually try drinking water first to see if that helps since dehydration causes headaches often, if that doesn't work I will try and work some of the knots out of my neck. 99% of the time, it's one of those two issues causing the pain, so I find it easier to deal with the problem rather than masking it with a medicine and letting the underlying problem get worse.

I don't even think I have any pain medicines in my house actually.

I know when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I had to take prescription pain medicine (vicodin maybe? I don't remember) I wasn't even sure if it did anything for the pain because every time I took one I'd pass out for like 8 hours, so for me it was more of a sleeping pill than anything. I think I must metabolize medications really slowly because they really affect me a lot.
Contributor: ICEE ICEE
my hubby takes hydrocodone (the drugs that dr house takes), sckulasen (muscle relaxer) and prescription strength alive. he has a really bad back.
Contributor: Tiffany Pollard Tiffany Pollard
Oxys for sure!! Vicodin is kinda weak in my opiniion. Percosets r good too lol
Contributor: Lioncub Lioncub
Hydrocodone for Dr. prescribed. For OTC I use Excedrin or Bayer back and body.
Contributor: Chelynn67 Chelynn67
Originally posted by Anne
I have to take tylenol because all other pain killers interact with my medication. What do you all take normally?
I don't take many but prefer Exedrin