Are you PERSONALLY worse off or better off then before the last election? Are you going to vote in November?

Are you PERSONALLY worse off or better off then before the last election? Are you going to vote in November?

Bignuf Bignuf
Do you feel the last few years have left you, personally, in a better or worse place in your own life? Is this going to drive you to vote in November? Will your personal condition effect HOW you end up voting?

Notice, I am NOT asking you to reveal HOW you plan to vote. That is PRIVATE...and I would not ask that here.

Just a question about what INFLUENCES your voting decision and why.
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js250 js250
Yes--and no.

I had a business almost fail and my husband's business completely shut down due to the economy. I have been very innovative and scrambled to keep mine going--and it has, barely. He has gone back to work in the last few months--doing his log construction, but it is few and far between. It is a bit better, but not a whole lot. I started a couple online businesses with the bikes to help keep us floating until our situation picks up--that is going better than either one of our other businesses...
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
worse off
No my vote will be the same as it was
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I'm actually a LOT better off now than I was 4 years ago.

I'm not sure it has anything to do with the economy, my position getting better. It's been a LOT of good luck.
- Kira - - Kira -
Much worse off. I usually vote Libertarian. I'm pretty sure I'll be still voting that way again.
PeachCandy PeachCandy
I was definitely better off 4-5 years ago. I'm not sure if I'll vote because I don't like any of the candidates
Beck Beck
I am pretty much the same. We are bringing in more money, but with the increase in cost of everything; we are still even. In fact we are slightly worse even with more money because we have another mouth to feed now.

My vote will always be the same...which is the lesser of the two evils. I know that it's basically a choice between democrats and republicans. I tend to give my vote to the person I feel is the less of the two evils. They are both wrong in my opinion.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
Much worse off. I'm doing the same work that I did at 17 for 50 cents less an hour, despite having been an honor's list student who went to a respected school. I recently got a volunteer opportunity in my career field, and with it, I'll be working seven days a week, partially unpaid, just to try to get a career.

I'm a Libertarian and I hate both of the mainstream candidates.
SMichelle SMichelle
I'm much better off than I was 4 years ago... I'll vote the same way I did last time.
Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
I've not really been affected by anything, honestly. I feel better as a person now than I did four years ago, but that has nothing to do with government stuff. It's just how I view my life in general.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
It been up and down for me over the last four years but I think luck has been more the cause of both the good and the bad then anything I can link back to anything political.
mpfm mpfm
I'm worse off. I haven't decided if it will affect my vote.
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