Pet peeves

Pet peeves

Ash1141 Ash1141
What are your pet peeves?

I have issues with certain spellings of words and when my husband takes his sneakers/shoes off and leaves them laying in the middle of the living room for me to trip over.
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Ghost Ghost
eeep eeep
Oh there are a bunch of odd things that bother me. One thing I hate is when people ride in your car and pull down the sun flap and leave it down after they leave your car. I have no idea why, but this bugs the heck out of me.
Destri Destri
I have quite a few... T shirts only partially tucked in and partially hanging out, water dripping drives me nuts, people who type in 'gansta speak', men wearing their socks during sex and any type of rudeness.
QSBybakd QSBybakd
Poor speech / grammar.

People who take liberties with my things without asking ("sharing" my drinks/food, changing the car stereo, going through / using my computer, etc).

People who bring up their political or religious views in mixed company.

Movies that include archery scenes that are obviously directed by people who don't know a thing about archery. (ie Avatar, Immortals) oh my god. The whole time I'm thinking "Why is Neytiri sticking her index finger out while she aims? When she's shooting POISON TIPPED arrows?" and "Why does everyone switch between being left handed and right handed constantly?".

The recent Robin Hood movie did quite well in this respect, until near the end, where he shot a dude in the neck... who was on a speeding horse... from 90 yards away... in the rain... with a soaking wet bow that he just randomly picked up. Yeah.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Poor grammar - more in writing than in the spoken word. Run-on sentences annoy me when it's obvious there should actually be two or three sentences in there. A total lack of punctuation or capitalization. And finally, people who type 'leik dis bcuz its quikr omg lololo' in situations where you have unlimited space and time to type things out properly. A 'lol' or an 'omg' by itself is harmless (I do it), but if it's all you're typing... Oh, and THE CAPS LOCK OF DOOM. That's just rude, and it looks like you're shouting the whole time.

Getting away from writing, there's people who let their children get whatever they want, particularly when it comes to pets. At work, I'll be trying to explain that the animal will mostly likely DIE if I send it home with them if they're not prepared to care for it, and the customer will get all pissy because they don't want to spend money but they "promised their kids" they could have a pet. Well, don't make promises without learning what you'll need ahead of time, then!

A lot of things people do with pets annoy me, really, especially when it also comes to my job: impulse buying is a big one. Returning an animal because their kids got bored with it, even though we told them not to get it unless the parents were willing to take up the responsibility if need be. Refusing to go to a vet because "vets are expensive," even if the pet clearly needs to see one, and expecting me to make it better. And taking animals out of the wild. That last one makes my brain hurt the most at times. Nineteen times out of twenty, it's just a bad idea.

And finally, people saying blatantly insensitive or sexist things and acting like those are completely fine things to say. After helping a guy out and finding that his wife hadn't made precise specifications as to what he needed to get, he said he'd just come back with her because she was picky. Not so bad. But then he goes ahead and says, "You know how you women are." What. The. FUCK!?
Mike Honcho Mike Honcho
People who drive in the left lane of the highway and there isn't a car around for miles.

Or the driver that drives in the left lane and holds up everyone because they can't PASS the car in the right lane.

The above two are multiplied by a PO factor of 100 when they are yammering on the cell phone.

The f***wad that speeds up every time you try to pass them.

People who drive in your blind spot (As if you didn't have a clue?!?!)

Inconsiderate/rude people.

Inconsiderate/rude/ unruly children.

Smelly/untrained/ unruly indoor dogs.

Slow internet connections.

Passengers who leave pop cans in your car. More so if the can still has fluid in it. Do you really think I need to pick up after you or spill your half drank pop in my car???

Folks who poor a glass to drink and never finish it. (if you didn't want that much, why did you pour it???)

People who don't late the late traveler at the airport go ahead of them even though their flight isn't going to be missed.

When a flight crew asks that those without connecting flights remain seated so those passengers that are late can get to their next flight..... the clowns that stand up and clog the aisle even though they have no connecting flight.

People who hang up on you.

(My apologizes for any grammatical errors )
Mike Honcho Mike Honcho
Originally posted by eeep
Oh there are a bunch of odd things that bother me. One thing I hate is when people ride in your car and pull down the sun flap and leave it down after they leave your car. I have no idea why, but this bugs the heck out of me.
I have the same problem. Especially if it isn't sunny?!?

Oh and folks that drive with the windshield wipers on high like they are driving into a blinding hurricane and there is barely as mist. Love that squeaking wiper sound......
CS2012 CS2012
When you apologize to someone and that person says they forgive you and then treat you like garbage.

Liars, thieves and cowards.
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