Phone to use now, and later?

Phone to use now, and later?

Do emu Do emu
I dare call myself tech-savvy on everything except phones. I can navigate through one just fine, but ask me about GSM unlocked phones and I'm in foreign territory.

Which brings me to my situation:

I'm in the United States for less than a year (hopefully), so I don't want to get a phone contract. I'll be moving to Italy afterwards and want to keep the same phone but just use a different SIM card.

Which carrier/phone/monthly plan should I go with? Cricket has some nice phones and unlimited data plans but I hear they're not GSM phones. T-mobile has GSM phones, so I guess they're the carrier I'm most likely to go with.

I'd like a smart phone so I can keep in touch via Skype with people while I'm away from home.
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I have no idea, but if you are leaving the states in a year you should go with a non contract phone company. use it for a year then sell it when you are done.
Ryanne Ryanne
I agree I would get a prepaid plan for now if you are going to be here less then a year. T-Mobile has Smartphones you can get that are on a prepaid month to month plan.
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