Piles of other free and fun things from the internet!

Piles of other free and fun things from the internet!

Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
(Sometimes I think I should host a savvy savers club or something. Saving tons and tons of money is a huge hobby/borderline addiction of mine.)

Since we're all familiar with how wonderful this site is and most (if not all) of us enjoy receiving free things from the internet I thought I'd share a few other things I've found that are tons and tons and tons of fun! Really, these things require nothing more than a review or survey and in return you get free products, crazy discounts, and can even earn some spending money!

House Party - Sign up, apply to host a party. If you're accepted they'll send you a party pack with a ton of goodies so you can throw your own fun party. Each party is for a specific company or brand. A lot of them are food and beverage related. Right now there's one going on for a board game.

Crowd Tap - This one has a lot going on. You answer painless questions on a variety of different topics. (It's market research and such.) They send you on little "missions". Occasionally they'll send you products to try and rate for them. You earn points for all of your activities that you can cash in for rewards or donate to a long list of charities (mine's the ASPCA). It's lots of fun and has become my favorite time waster!

BzzAgent- This one is my absolute favorite and I've gotten a bunch of stuff lately (shampoo and conditioner, shoe insoles, cat food, premium frozen food, razors). You get invited to join a campaign where they'll send you a free (or highly discounted) product as well as some coupons. Use it. Tell your friends/family/etc. about it in an honest way. Write a quick review or Bzz about your interactions with people. Everything you do earns you points that you can cash in for gift cards and such. I love, love, love it!

ExpoTV - This is for all of you video reviewers out there! On this site you do product reviews of items you own and you earn points. They'll also send you things to review occasionally, or give you huge discounts on big ticket items if you decide to buy them for a review. You can cash in those points for gift cards or rewards.

I just thought I'd share these with everyone because I'm so excited about them.

And if anyone else knows of any cool things post them here! It would be awesome to get a "savvy saver" unofficial club going here!
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nanamondoute nanamondoute
I've been a member on Bzzagent for a couple of years now and they are pretty good. I'm not the most active, so I get only a campaign every few months or so. But, I've gotten a lot of makeup from them (you answer surveys to see what is a better fit for you).
mistressg mistressg
Very cool! Another great one to add to the list is Ebates. They sned you legitimate checks for buying from stores online. A lot of them are websites and companies that I already purchase things from anyway, so I love it! They have hundreds Sephora, Carol's Daughter, Walmart, Amazon... I use Ebates for all kinds of online purchases. I've gotten checks from them for buying things via their site before, I thought it was fake until my sister told me about it and showed me a check they mailed to her. Then I started using it and got sent a $10 check the next month. Love that site. If anyone creates an account using my referral link I am supposed to get a bonus.
CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
Kissy Kissy
Thanks for the great ideas! I am a part of Bzzagent and House Party, not the others! Love both!
Badass Badass
Thank you kindly for these!
gypsymama gypsymama
I am active on most of these sites and they are all great!!!! Crowdtap is my favorite.... I have been lucky to do sample shares for Old Navy 5 times now!!!! Love free clothes!!!
Michele Michele
I love buzzagent! I also love-

Search as you would on any other engine and do tasks to earn "swagbucks" and redeem them for gift cards and merchandise

Auction style listings similar to ebay but, credits are used instead of cash. You receive credits when you join and earn credits by listing your own auctions and various other tasks. It's a great way to turn your items into something you want or need. I don't suggest anyone "purchasing" credits because, it's not worth the prices they charge.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I've never heard of any of these except for swagbucks. I tried swagbucks but I didn't really like it. I like to scour the blog world for giveaways. I usually go to Prizey to look for good giveaways. I've won so much stuff! But ever since the rafflecopter got popular I find it a lot harder to win now.

When I shop online I always check the company's facebook page first because sometimes they'll have a friends only special deal/code or a giveaway. Then I go to Retailmenot and look up coupon codes first. I always save a lot of money when I do that.

I'll have to check these sites out later. >.>
Thanks for the links!
Scorpionwally Scorpionwally
Thx for the sites guys
mistressg mistressg
Originally posted by mistressg
Very cool! Another great one to add to the list is Ebates. They sned you legitimate checks for buying from stores online. A lot of them are websites and companies that I already purchase things from anyway, so I love it! They have hundreds Sephora, ...
Here is Wirefly, they sell cell phones and services from a number of cell phone carriers (Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc...) and they also have a rewards program where you can earn $25 (or gift cards) for each person you refer.
mistressg mistressg
I am surprised to see a pretty well-known sex toy site is now listed under Ebates online stores. I would LOVE it if EdenFantasys teamed up with Ebates!
Rey Rey
thx for the links, imma' bout to check them out
AriaRN AriaRN
mistressg mistressg
There is a giveaway here on J.R. Watkins Natural Products Facebook page. It is for a gift basket with their new line of Grapefruit Sugar & Shea Scrub and a $100 Target gift card!
lulz lulz
Are these legit? I'll definitely look into them. Thanks alot.
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