Practical manifestations of the "dependency culture" in your own life

Practical manifestations of the "dependency culture" in your own life

DreamWolf DreamWolf
I mean dependency culture here as the way our society goes nowadays: you know, that you have to go off to work so you have money to buy food, pay the rent, pay debt if that's the case, and there are sooooooooooooooooo many things you have to be into so you can stay alive, unless you just "drop out" to leave the whole thing...

A few days ago W/we took O/our little BabyMutt to the vet, and as he has seizures he has to take pills, and oh my God, the prices went up sooooooooooooooo high that whereas (for some funny reason, as W/we found out W/we shouldn't have been able to do it) W/we could buy a thousand pills last year W/we were like "Yeah, W/we should stock up somehow, so when W/we move to live in the desert away from any nearby towns W/we will have a good supply never having to worry about running out, so W/we would always be sure that he wouldn't have any seizures, as he would have his two pills every day for the rest of his little puppy life just fine!"

Well, so the vet said that it is strange because those pills are a controlled substance, and W/we shouldn't have been able to buy such a large quantity (it was like 60 bucks at the local vet where W/we lived, so W/we were incredibly happy for it, as it lasted for more than a year, whereas to buy them for a month costs muchmuch more), and now you can get those pills only for 6 months max., and the prices for it went up horribly friggin high!!!) - so as the checkup, shots etc. costed muchmuch more at the vet now, W/we couldn't get a larger amount of pills now, and W/we do understand that of course one shouldn't be able to stock up on such drugs so easily as they are weird drugs anyway (some phenobarbiturate stuff), but oh my...! ~sighs

So this is weird as hell, as W/we can get set up to be totally self-sustaining for the future, but even then, especially in this ever worsening economy, it worries the hell out of me if W/we will always be able to have those pills for O/our lil one, because what if W/we couldn't get any anymore, just imagine it, having a tiny little babydog you love the hell out of, ending up dying after a while because of more than daily seizures, only because you weren't able to stock up legally though of course they would be for your sick little puppy, and not to use for yourself or sell, and I bet there is no way to prove it legally, and even then you don't want to let just any sick puppy owners to stock up as there are many weird folks out there, but anyway... ~sighs and growls worried

So anyway, one weird example of the "dependency culture"... Dare to share your experiences and views on it! ~lays ears blushy
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I take many controlled substances. I'm only allowed a month at a time, so I can't stock up even a bit. We have hurricanes where I live and I was close to out of one when we had to evacuate once but not close enough to qualify for a refill. I spent a good hour arguing with the pharmacy and my insurance company to get an override on an early refill for it. Pain in the ass. If shit ever hits the fan, I'm screwed on account of all of my needed daily medication that I can't stock up on.
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