Quirks Not Quarks

Quirks Not Quarks

Ansley Ansley
What things do you do that would be considered quirky? That is, what makes you you?

Whether it be that you pick up your socks with your toes and toss them into the hamper or that you brush your teeth in the shower. Share what makes you unique (just like everyone else).
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Ansley Ansley
I do both of the things mentioned above.

But, I also do some really off the wall things. For instance, my electronics do not have visible clocks. I can't stand to see a blinking clock and I really hate knowing what time it is on a general level. Life goes by way too fast and I don't need to be reminded of that.

I like to set my "personal" picture on the television to black and white for popular modern shows. I think it adds a little something to them. Especially shows that I've watched a thousand times and can repeat by heart.

I enjoy calling into adult radio shows to ask for advice on really out there scenarios to try to catch the host off guard.
AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
Because I spend a lot of time writing and working out articles and pieces for production in my head when I'm alone, I have whole conversations out loud with myself. If someone heard me they would think I was a little crazy.
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