Rant about men's disgusting behavior

Rant about men's disgusting behavior

bayosgirl bayosgirl
I just have to let off some steam before I mention it to my husband and end up fighting, which is pointless because it will never change. I am absolutely disgusted by some of his behavior. He prides himself on being such a 'neat' person (it drives him crazy that my clothes are laying all around and I leave nonperishable food on the counter, things like that.) But yet he insists on standing up to pee, and frankly his aim sucks. I am constantly cleaning up dried piss from the toilet seat and the base of the toilet (!!!) I have tried duct taping the seat down, and he just takes the tape off. I have caught him in there with the light still OFF. No WONDER piss ends up on the outside of the toilet! Why the hell would someone go use the restroom and leave the light off?! And god forbid, don't ask him to put the seat down!! I hate having to handle the toilet seat. If he's going to pee standing up, the least he could do is put the seat down out of courtesy. Not only that, but he won't dry his penis after he takes a piss. IT FUCKING TAKES TWO SECONDS TO DAB IT WITH A PIECE OF TOILET PAPER!!! This is gross for multiple reasons. One, he will walk around with a pee spot on his boxers or shorts (EWW) and two, sometimes I feel like randomly sucking him, and I can't do that because his dick has been festering with pee. He should be grateful that he has a woman so sexually open, and keep his dick as clean as possible for me. :-(

My ex was SOO much cleaner with bathroom habits. He sat down to pee and he always wiped. Even squeezed any remaining pee out on the toilet paper. I miss that. :-(

I know in the scheme of things this is a minor complaint, but still, when it happens over and over and over again and he refuses to make minor changes, it gets under my skin. If he wants me to be neater around the house he should fucking change the things that I want to see changed.
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Trysexual Trysexual
I pee with the lights off...not pitch black, but there is enough light to see...I am sensitive to light somewhat.

You do know that when women pee it gets on your lady bits and we have to lick that...pee is sterile though (not that I want to drink it).

Ladies, when you pee it also coats the bottom of the seat from splashing. We don't like lifting the seat and touching your dried/sticky pee either. You just don't bother to lift the seat and notice!..hahaha.

Plus sometimes, not matter how much you try to squeeze out the last drops of pee, one manages to dribble out when you put your underwear on....though I think doing kegels might eliminate this a bit too.

I once dated a woman who ranted about how her ex BF peed sitting down!

I share your rant though...my lovely GF is on the OCD side of the spectrum and little things I do drive her nuts too. I couldn't even refill my coffee cup this am before she threw it in the dishwasher. Just little things though!
- Kira - - Kira -
Don't pretty much all guys stand up to pee? And I think the "he won't out the seat down" argument goes both ways. Why should men put the seat down if women don't have to put the seat up?

My husband is fairly neat in the bathroom, though he does leave pee stains sometimes. My son has terrible aim and sometimes it ends up on the top of the seat or the floor. GROSS.
edeneve edeneve
aree to share the chore of cleaning the bathroom w/ the toilet for him to clean. find something he wants you to change equally and both compromise.
Beck Beck
I'm sorry, but it sounds like you are comparing your ex to your husband. That isn't right. You shouldn't do that!! It isn't going to change like you said. Make him wash his penis before you touch it, and share the responsibility of cleaning the bathroom. That is about all you have to do.

We made the rule that if anything gets on the seat or the bottom of the bowl, we clean it ourselves. It's my mess, I will clean it up. Besides, I don't want a visitor to come in my bathroom and see something on the seat or the bowl. That would be disturbing to me.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
Originally posted by - Kira -
Don't pretty much all guys stand up to pee? And I think the "he won't out the seat down" argument goes both ways. Why should men put the seat down if women don't have to put the seat up?

My husband is fairly neat in the ...
I guess so. My dad (according to his wife) and my ex sat down to pee, and I'm sure they're not the only ones. It's just cleaner and more hygienic that way.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I agree with Beck and Kira.

Honestly, it's best to work with a partner than insist they change something you don't like about them. (general you)
Ansley Ansley
My husband shakes it off and goes about his business; if a little drop should occur, it's not a big deal. But, we aren't squeamish by any means when it comes to our body's functions. I've only met one guy who does the sit/wipe thing and I found it to vastly effeminate and it threw me for a huge loop. I also thought it was a huge waste of time and toilet paper.

Besides, it's not like ladies aren't without their issues down there. Can't count the number of times I've had to inspect parts to make sure there were no toilet paper pieces left behind.

In my marriage, if I taped the toilet seat down I would fully expect my husband to piss all over the floor just to spite me.
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
My husband and I actually realize what we do when we use the bathroom, so we actually clean the toilet right after because we know that the other hates having to deal with pee. Plus he normally sits down to pee but if he can't wait to take his work pants off he just stands up to pee, but he at least wipes the seat and if he pissed anywhere else.

But he doesn't clean himself after peeing -_- and he wonders why I don't give him blowjobs as much as he wants. I clean myself every single time.
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