Recycling Voucher

Contributor: Orgasms & Pearls Orgasms & Pearls
I’m a little confused on the way the Recycling Voucher is worded.

When going to purchase the voucher it states “recycle unlimited number of toys”, does this mean you only need to purchase it once or do you need to purchase one each time you plan to send toys in?

For example, if I purchased one today, I could send it say 5 toys that I no longer use/work. Next year I want to recycle another 3, would I need to purchase another voucher or does my first voucher still cover those 3 a year later?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Dear Orgasms & Pearls, we're sorry if the text was confusing.

Upon buying a Recycling Voucher, you get a chance to mail in as many toys as you want ONCE. If you want to send it toys again in a year, you'd have to get another Voucher.