Contributor: imperialyellowdragon imperialyellowdragon
I have found that most people are not ready to start a relationship. in fact some people have told me that they will start getting ready when they find the right man. we will say right person. I think there is things that everyone can do to start getting ready for your next relationship and they are easy things. I think there are things that people can do to get ready. I also found most people just jump into a relationship with nothing or no plan and then in time they have hardships. even break ups. this could have been avoided. so my question is simple.
what do you think people should do be for getting into a relationship?
what can people get ready/plan for?
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
boy, you got me there. I've been dating the most confusing & mostly closed up tight walls guy. every now & then he throws me a curve ball too. like I'm gonna know what to do w/ that when I can't even figure out how to deal w/ the 1st 2 parts.

in another reality, the idea is to work on making yourself the best you can be w/ whatever you do & who you are. and then the idea is the rest of the dominos will fall into place.
Contributor: Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
If you want to get ready for a long-term committed relationship, the first thing you need to do is learn to put others first. A successful relationship takes a lot of work and involves giving up some things you want for the sake of someone else.

Along with that, you need to learn to not be a doormat by figuring out what is important to you and what you have to offer. Learn to love yourself. You can't love someone else if you don't see your own value and what a unique and special person you are. So many people stay in a relationship that is bad for them, because they don't think they can do/deserve better. If you see yourself as valuable, you won't allow someone to devalue you.

In the early stages of a relationship (before you get serious) evaluate if this person makes you better and if you make them a better person. You and your partner should have complimentary personalities that lift each other up.