How to score amazing dollar store beauty steals

Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
We all want to get the most for our money and for those that buy make-up, costs can add up quick. This article I stumbled across on Yahoo gives some good tips for how to make sure that you're getting the most for your money. A few of them are somewhat common sense, like don't buy something that's been opened. But a few, like checking the testers to see if they're clean to gauge how long they've been there, I had honestly never thought of before.

Do any of you have any awesome beauty tips or tricks on the cheap?
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Contributor: ss143 ss143
There are a couple things I have picked up/ learned.
1) Keep an eye on your stash you might find your buying the same color or similar in different brands
2)Get things that can be multi purpose for example your fav lipstick or cream blush can be used for the opposite, an eyeshadow could be used as a blush, an inexpensive conditioner can be use as a great shave gel/cream
3)Keeping your cosmetics sanitized/clean ( spraying powdered products with alcohol and wiping them down/dipping lipsticks in alcohol) will keep them better well passed the expiration date.
4) When tossing cosmetics only throw out things that have changed color smell or consistency
5)Lastly use coupons for drugstore items or wait to make high end purchases during the store sales and for discounted stores find out when their shipment are coming in so you get first dibs

There are other tips and tricks I know but wont make this too lengthy lol