Shoe collection

Shoe collection

eri86 eri86
I have about 10 pairs of shoes at the moment.

But the only ones I wear regularly are my metallic flats and my converse sneakers. My black flip flops are gradually getting a bit more wear this season.

Which means, my other seven pairs, most heels and wedges, rarely get worn.

And as far as shoes go, owning 10 pairs I guess isn't tat bad. But I always have to fight the urge to buy another cute pair of heels I don't need.

And I can only wear heels, even lower heels, for so long. But I'm still drawn to them like a bug to a zapper when I'm shopping
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purpleflower1972 purpleflower1972
I don't own many shoes either. Sometimes I hear about the shoe collections of others and wonder what the point is. Unless you attend a lot of special occasion stuff, it's unlike you'll wear them all very often
CutiePatootie CutiePatootie
I have too many shoes to bother counting. I mix them up all the time though.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I have way to many shoes to list. I wear about 7 of them mixing them up when I can and when the weather is nice. I hope to change that this summer though.
I don't have many pairs that I wear all the time, maybe three? I mostly wear the same pair of boots.
surreptitious surreptitious
I have about 30 different pairs of shoes/boots/etc - I used to have a lot more, but I went through and got rid of the ones that I hadn't worn in ages. I tend to stick to flats now that I'm not working, but when I can, I like to spice it up with fancy heels.
Pixel Pixel
I have 12 pairs of shoes, including flip flops, and 2 pairs of boots (my Docs and a pair of Bates tactical boots.)
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
I have remarkably few shoes for someone who works in a shoe store.
snowminx snowminx
I've never counted the number of pairs I have. I've always just bought shoes to go with outfits, not buying shows and later seeing what will go with them. I hate the feel of wearing heels all day =(
Sbmsvschoolgirl Sbmsvschoolgirl
I don't even know how many I have but it's a lot!!
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I have a ton of shoes! I have them neatly piled on boxes with a picture of each pair on the front of the box. At least I keep them organized!
Sera26 Sera26
I have about a hundred. I end up wearing less than 10 pair of them regularly. I love them though. I really need to get a nice shoe rack so I can at least look at the ones that I rarely wear.
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