Sleeping in a bra - do you do it?

Sleeping in a bra - do you do it?

GravyCakes GravyCakes
One of my co-workers today was telling me & another co-worker how she sleeps in a bra every night to prevent her boobs from sagging. I expressed my doubts about this, as did the other co-worker, but she was insistent & saying how her boobs are perfectly perky b/c of it. She is a 30 something DD. She told us that it's true & that it's everywhere online. I might add that she also has not gone through any significant weight loss within the past few years, & has gained a little weight through college if anything, but mostly maintained it. The other co-worker said that she sleeps in a bra as well, but only a sports bra b/c she doesn't like to have them out free at night (she is also a 30 something DD). For smaller cups, I don't think this would make a difference either way, but I am a good 36D, & would love to find any way to keep my boobs from sagging. After searching around on the Internet, I have come to the conclusion that the jury is out. There are some that swear by this, but it seems like there is no real medical truth to this. The theory is that the bra could help keep the boobs in place & keep the ligaments from stretching. However, since you are not moving a lot when you sleep, it's really kind of pointless. The only real way to help prevent sagging is to wear a good supportive bra during the day, maintain your weight, & do your best not to age. Otherwise, age will eventually bring them down. I have a friend who is a very good D cup, who never wears a bra to bed, & has the most perfect, perkiest natural boobs I have ever seen. So, I was wondering what your take on this is. Is there anyone out there who believes & practices this? What is your reasoning behind it? Even if there was some medical truth to it, I don't think I could ever be comfortable wearing a bra to bed. But, that's just me.
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
I've heard of this, but the opposite as well. That wearing a bra causes your breasts to rely on a bra to hold them up, thus the ligaments become weakened. Not sure if there is any truth to all of this - imo, if they're going to sag, they're going to sag. I hate wearing a bra and never wear one around the house, let alone to bed. I'm a 34J so they've never been, and are never going to be, extremely perky. But whatever, they're my natural boobs.
lineswecast lineswecast
I've slept in a bra (in my adolescence) and without, both for many years. I've never noticed any difference.
lokoum lokoum
Perhaps it is just an urban myth!
Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
I can't speak for any of the other girls except myself. I find this to be true with my body. If I don't wear a bra to bed for a few days my chest seems to even out a little. When I sleep with my bra especially two days in a row my boobs are as high as the sky LOL. They perk up for sure.
- Kira - - Kira -
I sleep in a bra because my boobs are big and the weight bugs me if I don't have a bra on. I'm a 34DD if sized correctly but usually wear a 36D because 34DD is impossible to find.

As for sagging, I don't think wearing a bra has helped any. Mine aren't any perkier than anyone else I've seen with natural DD cups.
sweetiejo sweetiejo
I have heard this rumour before, but I don't believe it that much. I can't sleep with bra because it is just to uncomfortable.
Kissy Kissy
I think it is hype. I did for a long time, now I don't. I just want them to be free, but I have not noticed any more sag than before in the Ds
I hate sleeping in a bra. I've heard both sides of the story for sleeping in a bra, or actually for wearing one at all. I've decided to go with convention during the day, and comfort at night. The one thing I have heard that seems to make some sense is that maybe working out your pecs can help keep them up.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
I sleep in a bra once in a blue moon. Wait a second ...
LadyDarknezz LadyDarknezz
I rarely do. If I do actually sleep in one, it is an ultra comfy sports bra. Having pressure on my upper abdomen really hurts my rare pancreas condition, so even the strain of wearing a bra for long periods of time can cause a tremendous amount of pain for me.
Checkmate Checkmate
Originally posted by lokoum
Perhaps it is just an urban myth!
Maybe this is one for Myth Busters!
married with children married with children
my wife has never slept in a bra.
clockwork451 clockwork451
I don't normally sleep in one.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I heard about this and I had never done it. Now I can't stand bras but when I was younger I used to wear them all the time.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I've got little boobs, so I only wear a bra when I'm out of the house to keep them from moving about and making me feel self-conscious. The only time I might sleep in one is if it's a really hot night and I'm somewhere without air conditioning, just to have a little privacy if I decide to take my shirt off.

As for whether or not this works for those with larger chests, I honestly don't see why it would make any difference. I'd be asking your coworker who said "it's everywhere online" just what kind of sites she was checking. Just because something is "everywhere online" doesn't mean it's true - it could just mean that incorrect information has spread farther than it should.

For a matter like this, a website dedicated to feminine health, particularly if they have connections to reputable doctors or medical research centers, would be a good bet.
bedorerc bedorerc
I dont sleep in a bra and never did. But if two kids isnt going to cause them to sag, sleeping without a bra should be ok.
SMichelle SMichelle
I used to sleep in a bra, but I don't anymore. I've done some reading on this, and most of what I've found seems to say that bras don't actually help to prevent sagging. Bras simply help to provide your breasts with support, and perhaps a certain "shape" while you're wearing them, but I believe that that's about it. I have even heard rumors that wearing a bra can cause your breasts to sag MORE.

I wear one in the day when I'm out, but it usually comes off at home. I used to wear one all the time, but my breasts still sagged. Finally, I decided...who cares? If they're going to sag, they're going to sag -- I might as well be comfortable.
Badmew Badmew
I used to do it when I was younger, and thinking back I have no idea how I was comfortable! I barely even wear one when I get home and am just sitting around.
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