Sorry I've been away but...

Sorry I've been away but...

Peggi Peggi
I know that I've been MIA for quite a while now aside from taking on students and occasionally replying to some things here or there (and I have several reviews I REALLY need to catch up on) but all the craziness can be explained!

My sudden disappearance started with a bunch of really bad things that led to worse things and then things leveled out a bit and are going pretty good (deaths in the family and with pets, terminally ill family, and my own personal health going to total hell were the first cause of my absence, and then something really good happened! Tiring, but good!

The latest reason for my total flaking out and not reviewing or posting for so long are these things:

The one on the left would be ours, a little boy named Dozer (like a bulldozer, because he really is!) and the one on the right would be Ninja who will soon belong to my friend! I had to watch Ninja while my friend was on her vacation and couldn't care for him, since they still needed bottle feeding, and I've had them for a while now and they are so cute and so much fun but take up all the free time I have which isn't spent with my other kitty!

Dozer is a polydactyl kitty or a "mitten cat"/"hemmingway cat"/"thumb cat" and he actually has the extra little toes on all 4 feet which apparently is super rare so we thought it was so cool when we got the little guy! They had fleas and were VERY sick with an upper respiratory infection which the vet was worried could've turned to pneumonia, but now they are almost flea free and only a sneeze once in a while is the only trace left of the URI! YAY!

So being a kitty mommy has kinda prevented me from being on here. But I promise I'm going to do my very best to be on as much as I can! This is the longest I've been on the computer in one sitting, to type this up! I still love you guys, love and adore Eden, love reviewing but just haven't had the time! But I'm going to be more proactive in being on here
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Geogeo Geogeo
puppylove puppylove
OH my they are so cute!!! Kittens are so much fun and can be quite the handful! Hope you are having fun with your new furry little babies and I look forward to reading your reviews when you catch up
js250 js250
How cute!!!! Glad to hear from you and will be happy to see you back on the site!!
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
They are so cute and glad you are still around.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
And I was all “THIS IS BOB BARKER” and Victor looked at me grumpily because he really wanted a fancier cat and the clerk was all “He’s the last one left because he’s polydactyl” and I was like “He’s half pterodactyl?” and she explained that polydactyl means that he has a genetic mutation that gave him four extra toes. And Victor was like “You want the mutant cat. Of course you do.” and I was like “This cat has four bonus toes THAT WE DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR. THIS CAT IS PRACTICALLY PAYING US TO TAKE HIM.” And then Victor was like “He has four extra claws. That’s like the worst mutation ever. The only way this cat could be worse is if it had two buttholes” and then I held Bob Barker up I was all “THIS CAT GREW OPPOSABLE THUMBS. HE COULD DRIVE US HOME RIGHT NOW.” And then Victor just sighed and started filling out the adoption paperwork.

-The Bloggess

I think Ninja is my fave between them.
Sammi Sammi
They're adorable

Glad to see you back!
Ex-prude Ex-prude
Aw! Adorable. We recently adopted two kittens (brother and sister) and they've been a handful!
Peggi Peggi
Why, thank you everyone

geogeo, glad you also think they are cute! thank you!

puppylove, oh yes, they are definitely a handful, but the cute and fun part makes up for it! I am definitely enjoying my time with them, though I am sad that today is the day that Ninja's mommy is going to come pick him up! But at least I'll have another purr factory to keep me smiling! And thank you, I'm hoping to have a few out in the next day or so!!!

js250, Thank you also! Yes, I miss the site very much and will be happy to see all of you around here as well! I've really missed reviewing and the forums!

JustLikeHeaven, I could never leave Eden forever I love it here too much! And thank you, cute little fur balls

JR, I must say, reading your post and checking out that link, I am glad I didn't have any beverages in my mouth or the laughter would've had it all over the computer! Too funny! The first time I told my father about what type of kitty he was he said "I don't think that's it, that's a dinosaur" LOL well we got 6 extra toes for free with this little guy And yes, Ninja is SO adorable! He is so fluffy and soft, and has the cutest meow that sounds like a baby crying! I am going to miss him when his mommy gets him today! They are both precious, though this photo doesn't do Dozer's colors justice. His feet and face actually have dark grey and no light grey, the light "grey" is actually a tan color but Ninja has the cute grey nose! It was so hard to choose which one we wanted, I'll tell you that much!

Sammi, thank you! I love my cute little babies! And I'm very glad to be back! I've missed everyone and reviewing! Actually, as soon as I post this I think that's what I'll work on

Ex-prude, oh how wonderful! Do you know how old they are? Kittens are the cutest baby animal in my opinion, because of their little antics! Oh yes, they are certainly a handful, and good luck! Hopefully you're getting more rest than I have been! Congratulations and if you'd like, you can post a picture of them in here! I'd love to see them!

And now an update
Well, today Ninja goes to his furever home and they get their flea treatments! They ended up having tapeworm from the fleas, so yesterday was spent at the vets office, but the vet said that in 24 hours the tapeworm would be gone, and then they have to go in for 2 more shots for it. Poor babies! Now off to review!
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