Steampunking it up- costume help needed

Steampunking it up- costume help needed

Andromeda Andromeda
Because I know there are fellow steampunkers/costumers out there in edenland, I thought I'd come to y'all for some help. I'm in the process of piecing together a costume for a new character I will be debuting at a friend's party in about a month. I am desperately looking for a super cropped jacket/short bolero/long sleeve shrug type thing to wear with my corset. Alas, I am having little luck finding things in my price range that fit what I am looking for.

An example: link (no longer sold and I wouldn't be able to afford it even if it was available). I absolutely adore this one.

Or something like this in brown: link (which is actually based off of an anime character and IS for sale, but still out of my price range).

I've checked most of the more well-known steampunk sites (like Clockwork Couture), but no luck yet.

Any suggestions?
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Lucidity Lucidity
Wow, those are gorgeous jackets! If I were you I would scour local thrift/secondhand stores and eBay for something that I could alter (or maybe that hidden gem). If you found the right jacket, you could easily cut and sew and add buttons to get what you're looking for.

Also, I really hope you post some pictures, steampunk =
Chilipepper Chilipepper
There is one on Clockwork Couture, but I think they're asking too much for it.

Anyway, Lucidity's suggestions are echoed by me as well - start looking in thrift and eBay, you never know what you can find. And, if I recall correctly, Hancock Fabric stores are currently carrying gear-imprinted buttons.

Good luck, and post pics, please!
Andromeda Andromeda
Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm really afraid of finding something that I like and then messing it up when I try to alter it, hence why it either needs to be right on or cheeeeeeeap. I'm actually across the pond at the moment and I haven't found any thrift stores yet.

But yes, I shall be scouring ebay every day!
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