Strange Thanksgiving Day Dishes

Strange Thanksgiving Day Dishes

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Does anyone else out there know someone who brings a strange dish to the table come Turkey day? My Grandmother-in-law takes the cake on this. God love her she's an amazing person, but I think she does these things just to get a laugh. Last year she brought boiled Hot Dogs. I snikered and sat there as she forced people to take one. I seriously think shes a prankster.
Anyways, are there any strange dishes at your feast?
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TheirPet TheirPet
Man, I love hot dogs. I think last Thanksgiving we had lasagne.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Stuffed cabbage, it's one of my mother's bf's sort of traditional dishes he learned from his grandmother.
He says it's a Polish dish and calls it Golabki (pronounced gaw-WOHMP-kee).

Internet mangled the word but it's supposed to have a few little accent things.

Also here's a recipe for them, not sure if it's the exact one he uses though.

This is one of very few ways I've found cabbage to be tolerable. xD
emiliaa emiliaa
Haha not really, XD We usually have a very typical dinner, except maybe my grandma's turkey neck but that's fairly normal.
ElizaFetishx ElizaFetishx
Golabki are delicious! Actually, most Polish food is pretty good haha.

Anyhow, I don't know if I'd call it strange, but my grandmother always makes broiled brussel sprouts and I love them.

This year I'll be making a pumpkin hazelnut cheesecake for the first time, so hopefully it doesn't come out weird.
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