Stuck at home, spouse is out

Stuck at home, spouse is out

BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
I have been with my kids dad for 10 years now I was 16 he 23 when we met. now hes 33 and I am 26 we have 2 boys together and I have always been the stay home mom but it is starting to bug me I am here all day and when hes out all day he comes home late and drunk as hell a lot and I'm so done with being home time is going by so fast and having regrets. I love him and my kids but I am so confused on what to do its making me cry daily and feel like crap.pretty much should I stay or should I go I am confused all opinions welcome
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Mwar Mwar
I'm sorry to hear you're feeling like that. There's a lot going on, but I would suggest going to counseling. You can have someone to talk to with no reservations. And having that can help you think through a lot of what you're going through.

I hope that helps.
js250 js250
HUGE hugs!!! That is how my first marriage was and I remember all the times sitting waiting for him to be home...and the sinking feeling in my stomach when he was late and I realized --it was one of those nights.

The decision to go or stay is one very difficult one that only you can make and only when you have put enough thought into it that the solution becomes clear. I had many people tell me to leave, but until I had had enough--I couldn't/ I did love him and he was my daughter's father. When he was sober, he was a great dad to her and a good husband to me, unfortunately, I got tired of being second best to this alcohol and buddies. I also could not deal with the broken promises to my daughter. But that is my story....hopefully yours has a better outcome. Message me--I will not judge you in any way, remember, I was there for 10 years.....
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
Counseling, for both of you if possible, but if not, at least for you. You are young and you have two beautiful children. Nothing is irrevocably broken, you just need a little help figuring out what steps to take. Counseling can provide that without judgement and without bias.

Most health insurance plans will cover counseling in part (after your deductible is met), but if not, do a web search for outreach services in your area.

Shadoria Shadoria
i also feel that counseling is a good option. it'll give you much more than a quick conversation on here could do.
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