Students: How do You Study?

Students: How do You Study?

~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I was wondering what techniques you guys had.

Do you study or even not study at all?

If you do, what works best for you? What doesn't?

I make flashcards (took a break from it right now lol) and even though I don't actually use the flashcards 90% of the time, the actual act of making them helps me retain the information. Anyone else do this?
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Waterfall Waterfall
I do this as well, depending on the class. Most of the time I read through the chapters and take notes or highlight information. If it is for an exam with multiple chapters then I will type up or write the important information that I highlighted so it gets in my head better.
Andromeda Andromeda
Generally (depending on the subject), as long as I pay attention in class and do all the work, I'm fine. Unless it's math-based, then I need to study and usually need someone to study with as well.

Which reminds me, I REALLY should be reviewing Español right now. Sigh...
VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
I usually make an outline from the powerpoints my teachers post for us. I'll take their ideas and find the support in the book to study. It's helped a lot and has gotten my grades back up to where they need to be almost.

It's effective
Dusk Dusk
It certainly depends on the class for me, but I like going back through the old notes and making my own review sheets (especially for final exams!). Then I do lots of example problems, old exams, etc.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
I haven't been a student in a long time, but when I was I would re-write my notes, and write out an outline using the text or other provided study materials. Like you with the flashcards, I rarely USED what I wrote, but just the act of re-writing it would commit it to memory.
Passionate Pastor Passionate Pastor
When I have a test I have flashcards and reading a lot on the subject.
Hannah Savage Hannah Savage
I don't study. Ever.

I've never made flash cards, had a study-buddy, or had a "cram session". I have found that when I used to sit and study, I did worse on the tests than when I didn't study. I think this is because as long as I am being attentive in class, the first time that I hear and grasp the information is when it is the most clear in my memory. By going back and studying I think I ruin that original, crisp memory and that's why I can't remember things as well.

Since I've always had good grades... That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
Darling Jen Darling Jen
I've always envied others who made flashcards because it seemed so organized and I'm one of those people that's particular about how my school stuff is kept. Everything's dated, hole punched, and stored by subject, category, and chronologically. But I almost never use flashcards. Not sure why.

To be honest, I either get studying in by tutoring someone else or I re-read my notes in small doses days prior to the test. I don't really do cram sessions either. And during the day of a test, I don't look at the material at all except maybe light reading in a very non-stressed out way before taking the test. I've just always had great grades and generally information sticks very well in my head. I'm SO thankful I've never had to really struggle. Takes a load off my mind.
Alegria Alegria
I take /really/ good, detailed notes that I never reread or study. I get better grades when I don't cram study and I feel like I never have time to reread my notes just for the fun of it. The only time I make flash cards if for art history finals when I need to know the dates+period+artist+ti tle.

Makes me feel kinda unorganized because almost everyone else who posted has (what seems like) a very detailed, efficient system. Good job, you guys!
Sir Sir
I study occasionally.

For mathematics courses, my study habits just include repetition and doing multiple examples to help me understand the material and method. Usually, I do not need to, though.
Naughty Student Naughty Student
It depends on the class I have. I am doing a BA in \psychology so I guess everyone has their own way and once you know how your profs test you can study according to that too.

For psych of religion I read and takes notes in class and just read my notes and reflect.

Whereas other classes I take notes from the book and the class then as I reread my notes I make a list of questions to test my knowledge. Then I study the questions until I get them all right. This is the usual way I study.
Kimmie1980ca Kimmie1980ca
Originally posted by ~LaUr3n~
I was wondering what techniques you guys had.

Do you study or even not study at all?

If you do, what works best for you? What doesn't?

I make flashcards (took a break from it right now lol) and even though I don't ...
I always did better when I wrote everything out and made study notes. I also did well when I studied with a bunch of friends, and quized eachother.
Jenniae09 Jenniae09
I do too much to study, but it helps me.
On a good semester I read ahead of class and take notes, take notes in class, read the chapter again and underline (in pencil so I can sell it for more later) what was emphasized by the professor and then if there is something I still need to quiz myself on I make note cards to quiz me, not learn terms. The note cards usually involve lots of concepts, I like to piece things together.
If it is math/chemical equations I do lots of practice problems. I try to do the section we cover in class that night and then do the ones I really didn't get right a few nights before the test to make sure I really learned it.
lamira lamira
I study languages, so flashcards help a lot. But other than that, I just need complete silence, a comfy chair, and my notes and I'm good for a few hours.
VampKitty VampKitty
I'm an engineering student so I have a lot of math related classes. This semester is pretty much all math related classes. So as of right now I've just been working problems for every section. The more I do it the better I do on the quizzes and tests.

When it comes to my Civil Drawing class, can't really study for that. You just have to learn the rules. So that one I just practice as well.

I learn best from practicing a type of problem or type of situation.
Trashley Trashley
I'm an A student, off to medical school in a bit, and addicted to flash cards. I make them for every lecture slide, every fact in the book, every little tidbit a T.A. mentions. That way, I can memorize the entire course easily and now just be familiar with the subject. I'm obsessed!
Kim! Kim!
I did not study until AP Bio my senior year of high school. Then I was confused and how no clue how to study. I've since figured it out. Mostly.

For classes with vocabulary, be they languages, sciences, whatever, flashcards! I founds some that are way smaller than a regular index card and come on a ring, they're perfect to have with me at all times.
I've recently become big on the whole writing in my books thing. I don't usually sell books back so it doesn't matter if I mark them up. I underline, make random marks in the margin so I know a large part is important, and write notes. (And sometimes I randomly make marks to keep myself awake enough when the material gets dry.) Then, when I need to, I can flip through the reading much faster.
I read through notes and highlight important points too. I take really thorough notes. I don't care if the outline will be online, I'll remember it way better if I write it myself. Sometimes I make notes in margins later on if I feel the need to.
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