Ever been successful in finding a lost cat?

Ever been successful in finding a lost cat?

K101 K101
I was wondering if any of you have ever had a cat leave home and come back or be returned?

I ask because my 6 yr old cat, Patsie hasn't been seen for the last couple days and I've been worried sick about her. She hardly ever leaves home and when she goes out, she comes back in and always runs to me when I call for her. Unfortunately, I've searched all day and haven't found her!

She usually waits on the porch for me until I get home at night from either work or leaving to run errands and things like that. Often times she'll be sitting on one of the vehicles or porch rail when I leave and it still there when I get back. She greets me and we go inside together almost every single night.

If she happens to go out late at night, which is often, she's always scratching at my bedroom window before 9AM the next morning. But there's no sign of her! I've checked the roads and this is unlike her.

I've had around 10-15 cats (not all at once) and had males run away before, but Patsie does not go far. I haven't ever been successful in getting a run-away cat to come back for good. However, my dog Pookie has gone away for a week at a time, coming home once a day to eat only. He did this just a month ago and finally came back for good. With a new girlfriend! Lol.

So have you ever had someone return your missing pet or have you ever ended up finding your cat after he/she's been gone for a few days? Did they ever just come back home? My Patsie is spayed and definitely a home-body.

Any suggestions or stories you'd care to share? Any tips? I know it's easier to call their name and search at night since they're nocturnal, and I've been doing that. Will try again at dark though. I've also read that you can place a pillow case or clothing item with your scent on it and it help them find their way home. I did that once with my male kitty and he didn't come back.

It's unlikely that an animal shelter woul've picked her up. We live on a mountain and the animal shelter people never bother with strays, much less a non-stray. She doesn't have a micro chip in her or tattoo or anything, and I don't put collars on my cats since they go outside some and could be hurt if it got caught on a tree limb or something. She looks like someone who has a home though. I mean, you can look at her and tell she's not a stray. She's kind of exotic looking, very distinctive features so she would definitely catch someone's attention. But she hasn't ever been known to wander away from home. I know my other cats tend to wander into the pasture across the road, but I checked there.

Also, she's very timid with any other person or animal besides me, my partner and other family members like my mom. Other than us though, she will run from everyone else. She's very fast too, so I kind of doubt something "got" her.

One thing I'm praying and hoping for is she does not like company, and we've had the kids, my neices and nephews all weekend and one nephew Friday night. When the youngest kids are here on weekends, the house is loud and she has been known to stay on the porch for the weekend. But she's not out there. Also, I last seen her Friday when only one kid was here and she's not scared of him. Do you other kitty owners think it's possible she just needed to escape people for a few days? I'm hoping that's all.

Sorry for the long freak-out. I've just been flipping out all day, and finally figured since so many of you other EFers' have kitties, you may have some tips or something to share. ?
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I've had a cat run off and return home.
js250 , ellieprobable , Lioncub , Feisty , SMichelle , TWE112 , misty82 , Tianna Silver , Bullfroggy and Rose , Leather & Lace , Anne , pfoof , gsfanatic , dv8 , xMila , UnknownGirl , KyotoAngel , KevinW
I've had a cat run off and not return home.
damnbul12 , Pixel , Geogeo , T&L , darthkitt3n , Bullfroggy and Rose , Leather & Lace , Boyfriend , Intrepid Niddering , KyotoAngel
I've had a cat run off/go missing and be returned from a person.
Anne , Intrepid Niddering
I've had one run off/go missing and I found him/her. (Have any tips?)
SMichelle , AmethystSmoke , SepZet
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js250 js250

My kitty Morris is a stray we took in many years ago. Last month he was gone for a week and a half--right after we lost our basset hound. He did not know the hound, Yosimite was an outdoor dog and Morris primarily indoors. This cat is obsessed with me--has to be touching me at all times. He found the glass in my head after the wreck--silly guy!!

After 4 days, talking to the neighbors, etc. I knew I had lost him. I was heartbroken...but then after work one evening I opened the door, let him in. Realized which cat is was and freaked out.

Sometimes cats will just take a break and come home when things are calmed down. Keep searching--have a bowl of food where she might be able to get to it--and water--and I will keep my fingers crossed and you and your kitty in my thoughts!!
ellieprobable ellieprobable
I hope your baby comes home. I'd suggest starting to talk to neighbors. In fact I agree with everything that js250 said above.

I've had a cat that was indoors normally get out and be gone for 3 days. He was sick and injured when he got home but 5 years later I still have him and love on him every day.

Don't lose hope.
damnbul12 damnbul12
I've had a cat run off and not return home.
Feisty Feisty
I've had a cat that ran off for three months and then one day he decided to return home - it was very strange. The only reason that I have heard of why a cat would disappear/reappear is a female cat that disappears to give birth.
Pixel Pixel
My cat disappeared for a few days. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, and someone 'helpfully' turned her into the pound. She spent the weekend there before someone thought to check her for a microchip.
Geogeo Geogeo
Unfortunately that's the risk you run by letting your cat go outside. Indoor cats have a lifespan average of 15 years while outdoor cats have averages of 2-4 years. I hope you find your cat, but that's the reason I would never let my cats go out, the stats and the reality just aren't on their side
Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
Sorry to hear about that. You can only hope for the best and keep checking those shelters even if it's unlikely she would be there. I would post pics where neighbors can see. If you do get her back please put one of those break-away collars that let loose if your pet gets stuck somewhere.
SMichelle SMichelle
I've had a lot of cats over the years... I try to keep them as indoor cats, but there have been times when they've gotten out of the house.

One of my cats would rarely go out, but on the rare occasion that she did get out... she'd disappear for weeks. No clue where she went -- I'd search and search, and she'd never turn up. Then, suddenly, she'd be sitting on the front porch, as if nothing had ever happened! This happened multiple times throughout her lifespan, and it always freaked me out -- but she always returned just fine.

Another of my cats got out one night and was found in a neighbors tree. We searched all over for him before someone looked up and saw a bit of white fur. We spent hours trying to get him down before we found someone who would come and help us (the fire department here doesn't rescue cats, apparently).

Another occasion, that same cat disappeared into the woods. He was gone for 3 days, and we searched every day. He had a favorite toy that made a jingling noise, so I walked by shaking that. He must've heard the toy, because he came running to it!
I have had a cat run off and never come home, however, he was a male. None of the females have left for good and a couple of them stayed gone for a week or more but they have always returned home. I wish you luck on her safe return and I'm sure she will soon. Just keep thinking positive!
TWE112 TWE112
Ive had a cat run off but it came back
misty82 misty82
Most animals will come back home after they are through with their little vacations. Even our animals need a break every now and again.
Beck Beck
Sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you find her.

That is the reason I don't let my cats go outside. There are all kinds of diseases they can pick up, they can run away, and they can disappear. My cats are too chicken to go outside. I can leave the door wide open and the cats would cruel up and sleep on my pillow.
Tianna Silver Tianna Silver
Originally posted by K101
I was wondering if any of you have ever had a cat leave home and come back or be returned?

I ask because my 6 yr old cat, Patsie hasn't been seen for the last couple days and I've been worried sick about her. She hardly ever leaves ...
My cats are all indoor cats, but every once in a while they will sneak out the door. Especially Miss Kitty! She's renowned for her sneaky kitty skills. The longest she was out for three days. Thankfully she didn't go far. We had another one a few years ago that got captured by animal control when he got out. We found him at the shelter 4 days later. You might want to check your local shelters. Hope you find her soon!
AmethystSmoke AmethystSmoke
My cat learned to use the dog door shortly after it was installed and a few months later was missing. Three days later (of course it was a bit below freezing those nights, not real common in central TX) we found him at the end of the street in the storm drain. We'd walked by I don't now how many times those three days looking and calling for him...! My nephew thought he heard a faint 'meow' and we located him. Luckily my nephew was small enough that we just dropped him down the manhole beside the drain and he handed Wicca up to us. Wicca was only about 1.5 years old at the time and after surgery to fix his broken leg, etc. he was good as new. He left us last year at the age of 15.
Leather & Lace Leather & Lace
I've had cats run off and return, and then some never came back.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Best of luck, hopefully she'll come back soon. I had a cat that roamed off for over a week, but she came back when she got bored (or something).
Boyfriend Boyfriend
I have had one run away and not come home, hope yours returns!
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
We put a bowl of her food outside and that brought her back.
SepZet SepZet
Um.....we find the missing cats but they're not usually....ALIVE when we find them....
Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
My cat I've had for over ten years ran off like that a few months ago. She'd been acting really strange, so I think she just ran off to die on her own.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Wow...I hope you find her soon. If all else fails you could try leaving some of her favorite snacks outside as a bribe. =<

I used to have a gorgeous maine coon female named Ariel when I was little and she used to run off for a few days all the time...always came back (usually knocked up) though.
But one day she ran off again (as usual) and never came home, we never even found out what happened to her despite searching for her and asking around.

...things like this are why I only keep indoor kitties now (don't have any at the moment though), and never let their ID tags off them unless they're getting a bath.
KevinW KevinW
Sorry to hear that Kendra! I've never had a cat run away but my cat did get outside about a month ago and we didnt know it. We found him meowing outside of our front door. He had to have been out there atleast 3 hours.
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