it a different shock when it is someone famous? it a different shock when it is someone famous?

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My husband and I were talking about when someone who is rich and famous kills themselves last night after hearing the tragic news about Mindy McCready.

We were surprised at out assumptions and the feeling of disbelief and horror that someone who was this famous could get that mired in depression and no one helped her. Even those who are fortunate and get their dreams and reach their goals can fall apart.

There are so many unanswered questions, same as with any suicide, but these are a bit different. Even though there is no one to blame but the person who paid the ultimate price, the questions may sound like placing the blame on innocent people. But still, I wonder why--Didn't someone help her with the depression? When you lay in bed for one month, there is a problem! Did she not get counseling when her long term boyfriend killed himself? She had prior issues with drugs and alcohol along with overdosing purposefully. I guess it does not matter who you are, but how strong you are.....Suicide can happen anywhere to anyone, no matter where you are in life.
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It does shock me a little more. I guess I assume that famous people have more friends who would notice their issues and more money to hire therapists, etc.
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