The "Newer Products" Just Can't Win!

The "Newer Products" Just Can't Win!

MamaDivine MamaDivine
I have been away from EF for a few months now. Got busy, family issues etc etc.

So I come back and I am reading through the forums and I have noticed something. I was in the vibrators section of the forums, and doing polls and what not and it seems that everytime someone asked "Which should I get" and posted a newer toy vs an older toy...Of course, the older toy won, hands down.

*Shakes head* Poor newer products lol.

I get that the more seasoned toys are going to win out because of the fact that more folks have tried them, own them, etc and KNOW how well they work or don't work. Obviously they are great products, or EF wouldn't have kept them around on the site as long as they have lol.


I would just like to say this. If you are wondering about getting a product and its a toss up between the newer one and an older one....Grab the newer one. We want to read your reviews! LOL. I know, selfish me But seriously long as the newer products meet your standards/requirements or wishes and desires in a toy...Why not spring for the newer one? Let us know how well it works (or doesn't). We'd love to hear from you!

What does everyone else think? Am I off base here or did I hit it on the head? lol.

(Have a great day everyone!)
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