The pictures that haunt me.......they keep returning and I cannot stop looking at them!!

The pictures that haunt me.......they keep returning and I cannot stop looking at them!!

js250 js250
I keep getting this group of pictures back into my house from my accident. I cannot stop going back over them and reliving the feelings from this day. You know how you see a car wreck along side the highway and cannot help turning to look....well, this was mine from two years ago. Yeah, two YEARS!! I feel compelled to keep looking at them to make sure I am still here, to count my blessings for everything I still have and am, to thank the powers that be that I am still alive...and yes, to go back over every little bit and see the could have's, should have's and the WTF's about that day. This reminds me to also take each day as if it were your last, treat everyone right and tell your loved ones just how much you really love them every chance you get. Embrace life....

Am I a sick puppy or just trying to heal and remember what is important? I am sorry to impose these images on you, but I need either justification for my feelings or honest opinions about what you think of my methods of 'healing'. Please let me know if you think I am doing the right thing....I am not getting honest answers from my friends and family about this.

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Ciao. Ciao.
I've been in car accidents, none nearly as crazy looking as that. Very glad you're still with us.

I don't think it is at all unreasonable to have a desire to look back at a moment like that in your life, even if they are difficult, painful, unpleasant, etc. It's clearly something that was an important moment for you and if it's helpful for you in the healing process, or just as a reminder of things, that's okay.

If you feel like it's something you're just obsessing over, or that it's bugging you, it might be worth talking with a mental health counselor. There's definitely nothing wrong with an extended process of dealing with a traumatic event.
P'Gell P'Gell

I'm glad you are OK.

Post Traumatic Stress is a real thing. If your family and friends won't be honest with you and let you talk about your feelings, maybe a counselor would be helpful.

It had to have been very scary and left you with emotional scars. But, these can be treated. I understand why you feel so damaged by this accident.

You can heal with help. I hope you find someone objective to talk to so you can feel good soon.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
You are indeed lucky to be alive ... as I know the area it happened in (a particularly cursed section of roads), few manage to get out with their lives. *tight hugs*

I do understand about needing to come to terms and peace with it. If you haven't already, a counselor specializing in PTSD might be of some help in processing it.

Again, so glad you made it out alive. *more hugs*
Crystal1 Crystal1
Here's how I'd judge it: Does looking at them make you feel better or worse? If it helps you to process what you've been through and wrap your mind around things, I don't see anything wrong at all. If it makes you feel worse, or finds its way into your mind constantly when you're trying to focus on other things, it's probably not having a good effect, and I'd suggest talking to someone if you can.

(I'm not a doctor, but I have a pretty cool nurse costume from EF.)
js250 js250
Thanks guys, I am not sure what is going on but I feel compelled to reassure myself that I am fine and that I am healing. I will look into the PTSD and getting help for it if that is what is going on. I think I need to learn more about that.....Thank you.
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