To those with toddler boys - morning wood?!

To those with toddler boys - morning wood?!

- Kira - - Kira -
So my son started getting morning wood when he turned two. He's now three and I'm still at a loss. If he has a wet diaper, should I wipe it? Does it hurt? It is extra sensitive? I'm a female so I don't know anything about how that feels. My husband says I should leave it alone. What did you do? Did your little one start getting morning wood at a young age? Is my son just extra horny? LOL
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Philia Philia
My 5yo has gotten it pretty regularly for a while now. He was in diapers when it started, and I'm pretty sure I just ignored it and did whatever I'd have done if he didn't have it. Now he's well out of diapers and, since he likes to sleep in his "birthday suit," I can tell when he has it, and it's pretty often. HE doesn't treat it with any particularly special care (except possibly finding it an even more amusing toy). He's not circumcised, though; I'm not sure if circumcised boys are more sensitive.

I'd be inclined to do the ignoring it thing and just keep an eye out for his reactions, and if he winces or whatever, just switch to "dabbing" instead of "wiping" (Or if that doesn't work, just wait until the next diaper change and do a more serious cleanup then.)

Or maybe it's just that both of our sons are extra horny...
P'Gell P'Gell
Little boys have "morning wood." It often means they have to pee. Or they were playing with themselves before you came into the room. Either way, I'd just leave it alone (unless they are in diapers and poop got on it, then I'd very perfunctorily wipe it and move on) and wait until the next change to clean it.

By three they can be taught to start learning to clean themselves, of course this leads to more playing, but that's part of the deal. Kid enjoy their bodies as well as adults do, and they often feel no shame so it's quite innocent.
- Kira - - Kira -
Kinda what I figured. Just wanted to make sure! I'd never been around toddler boys in the mornings before and I wasn't sure if this was normal. I always thought that was something that happened after puberty. Oh, the things you learn as a parent. X.x

P'Gell - I wish my son would help clean up! He's SO stubborn! The most I can get him to do is hold his legs up. He refuses to even sit on the potty. He yells at me if we even mention it. I don't know where he could have gotten that stubborn streak from.
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