Unique and/or Memorable Scars.

Unique and/or Memorable Scars.

ARPKasso ARPKasso
Do you have any unique shaped scars, or injured yourself in an interesting/unforgetta ble way?
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Kat and Aaron(aaron) Kat and Aaron(aaron)
A one inch scar on the back of my head. When I was six I discovered that bed sheets do not make good parachutes.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I don't have any scars other than small ones from nicking myself with my razor while shaving. My fiance has one on his wrist from diving through a screen door while pretending to be Superman.
SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
I have one on my knee. When I was young (I don't remember what age, but less than 10), I tried to see if you could sit down and ride a scooter like you can sit down and ride a skateboard. It turns out you can't.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Not really unique in shape, although somehow I have a near perfect faintly visible star shaped indent in the side of my nose. xD
But I do have this one scar on my cheek from when I was a baby.
Apparently, my mom was mopping one room over and put me in one of those clunky round walker things babies use to gain leg muscle...now being the rather clingy baby that I'm told I was, I decided to try and go in the room with her.
I guess the wheels on the walker got stuck on the metal thing that divides flooring, and I tumbled head first into a bucket of pine-sol water as the walker tipped over.
My cheek clipped the edge of the bucket and left what I affectionately call my "bucket scar". x'3
As soon as she saw the walker tip over she pulled me straight out of the bucket, but she called poison control center just to be safe anyway. ^_^
Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by ARPKasso
Do you have any unique shaped scars, or injured yourself in an interesting/unforgetta ble way?
A big scar on my stomach from donating my kidney a year and a half ago, there are areas that I still can't feel from the nerves being cut, so weird.
Cat E. Cat E.
I have a scar on my hand from when I fell with a glass bottle when I was three.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I just poste a Sexis article calles "The Tale Of "Tara"" At the end of it I feature a picture of one of my most memorable scars that I recieved from a vilonet girlfriend. You should give it a read. Shameless plug...
js250 js250
One half my forehead was scalped back into the hairline at the top center and bottom -even with eyebrow. It goes into the hairlines about 2-3 inches--car wreck.

Bridge of nose from a cat scratch when 3, tried to feed it potato chips....

1" diameter circle on inside of my right arm--hanging from a broken tree branch when younger until I passed out. Oh, was falling out of the tree at the time.

Many, many more--none from a dirt bike yet, though....
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
I have breast reduction scars and toe surgery scars on the bottom of my right foot from that time I smashed my foot into a rock wall

I have a scar on my belly from cooking pizza while I was naked....

I have family members with much more interesting scars than me. Most noticeably one who accidentally cut a tiny part of her tongue off with a Gatorade bottle (please don't be afraid of Gatorade bottles. It was all her).
Voir Voir
I have quite a few scars... her

Most memorable would be one on my head, about two inches above my forehead where I hit a truck door as a kid - it's about an inch and a half.

I have a scar under my left eye from a dog that I was playing with jumped at me and their claw hit my face. My mom freaked out - all I did was say oops and put a bandage on it.

I've one under my right eye from a fight. ( ihave a scar but i hold down I won because while mine is like an inch long they've one across their back that is about a foot and a half -sniff- draw blood on me I go ballistic instead of feeling the pain)

andnddd one on my chest from a surgery to remove a fibroadenoma.

There are lots of smaller scars on my hands and I used to have an off color patch on the outside of my right thigh from a bicycle incident and one small one on the top of each knee from another accident.

I was an adventurous child, doing lots of shit I shouldn't have been doing - not bad, just I wasn't very careful in doing so and ended up with some sort of wound that instead of having my parents treat it, I would just clean it and slap on a bandage and be done... or stop the blood and keep going.
I have a scar on my knee from when I was 4. I was swimming in the ocean and got caught in somebodies fishing line and was reeled in. So now I'm 26 and the scar is still clear as day.
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