T&A1987 T&A1987
Is there a "too young" age for vasectomies. Not a legal too young, but just an age you think is too young. On the one hand it's a person's body and they have a right to do what they want, but on the other hand, at age 18, or 24, or even 30 they might not be making the right choices.
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KC Kitten KC Kitten
I think it depends on the situation. If you don't want kids or you already have them (because I know 16 and 17 year old guys who do) and don't want more, it should just be your choice
AndroAngel AndroAngel
It's a choice, if you aren't too young to choose to have a kid, you aren't too young to have a vasectomy (choose not to). Both are permanent decisions and both can be regretted. At least with sterilization, only one person is effected if they change their mind/regret it.
Peggi Peggi
I agree with KC Kitten and it also has to do with whether or not they have medical or psychological traits they don't want to pass on. If you have something like bipolar disorder and don't want it passed down, a vasectomy would be a quick solution. Even those with ADD/ADHD who don't want to pass that trait down can opt for this.
leatherlover leatherlover
I think it should be fine for people to choose no matter their age. When I got mine done a few years ago, we had to wait a month after the first visit to make sure we didn't change our mind. Kinda of frustrating, as we had already thought about it for quite a while, but at least they didn't tell us no.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
vasectomies are not a form of sterilization, first off. it's a form of permanent birth control; sterilization is when your sex organs are no longer functioning (which is NOT the case with the vasectomies).

Anyway, with that being said, to each his own. If you feel you need a vasectomy, that's something you discuss with your doctor (and your partner, if you have one). if you and your dr. agree that's the right path to pursue, than I don't see why not.

excellent question, btw
- Kira - - Kira -
Hmm...this is kinda tough. I think there is an age where you're just too young to really know what you might want later in life. For example, I actually do have bipolar disorder and when I was 20 I thought there was no way in hell I was ever going to have a kid and want to pass that down. However, I got to be around my friend's kid and that changed my mind. I had my son when I was 24 and I wouldn't change my decision for anything. If you would have let me, I would have gotten my tubes tied at 20 and never have had the chance to have him.

I'm not sure what age is "too young," but I do think early 20's is probably a bit early to say for sure that you won't ever change your mind and do something permanent. There's always birth control in the meantime.

On the other hand, I don't much care for being told what I can and can't do by doctors or the government. So I don't like the idea of being told "you must be this age to do what you want" either.
Yaoi Pervette (deleted) Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
I think as long as you can make the decision and be at peace with it, you're old enough.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
I think it's one of those things that depends on the maturity and rationality of the person involved. There shouldn't be any age that's 'too young', but it should be up to the person and the doctor to determine if they're mature enough and really thinking it through.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
a lot of them are reversible nowadays anyway, aren't they?
Eucaly Eucaly
There are a lot of doctors who force anyone under 25 to not have a vasectomy, no matter how much it is wanted, or how many kids have already been produced. It's a form of society trying to force certain values on adults who are capable of making choices.

At 18, vasectomies should be allowed. All sorts of other life-changing decisions are allowed at that age.
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