What are you pet peeves?

What are you pet peeves?

WetJenn WetJenn
I know everyone has them.
Some of mine are:

I hate when people just stand in the middle of an aisle in a store talking taking up the whole aisle and ignore everyone else.


How stores(at least where I live) redo the store and make the aisles smaller making it almost single file to make it down it with a buggy


How a person will go through every page of the movies (and read the description of each one of them)available at the redbox only to rent something from the first page or walk away with out getting anything.

So what are yours?
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Oh, I hate the tiny aisles too. >.<
js250 js250
People who block the aisles in the store talking to each other and then give YOU a dirty look for actually needing to get by to do your shopping.

Large, noisy crowds.

Tailgaters on the highway---they scare the hell out of me!!

People talking on their cell phones instead of taking care of business at a bank, checkout line, etc.
funluvinmama funluvinmama
one of my pet peeves are those people who get in the checkout line and then stand around and wait for someone to go get something that they forgot. If you forget something get out of line and go get it, don't hold up the line.
StarFire StarFire
People that keep everything yet don't know were any of there stuff is!!! Don't get me wrong i keep a lot of stuff but if you asked me for my 1st baby outfit i could tell you exactly were it is!!!

People that think they know everything and are never wrong about anything!!!

People that don't know how to drive!!

If your going to clean something CLEAN IT don't just make it look like you cleaned!

OMG i could go on and on....
gloomybear gloomybear
When someone makes plans with u only to cancel after uve gotten ready
Geogeo Geogeo
People who are miserable in relationships and complain to me every week about how much they hate their life....and then just keep dating the person.

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