What do you do when you're having a nervous break down!?

What do you do when you're having a nervous break down!?

K101 K101
Have you ever had such a long struggle with something going on in your life? You know, super stressful situations that you aren't able to make go away or make better quickly. When you have something like this going on, where you're struggling with whatever it may be and finally feel that you truly cannot take it anymore and are on the verge of a breakdown, what do you do? Are you able to ignore things like this? Even those of us who can say "whatever, shi* happens, I'll deal with it, but will not let it cause me to go insane, it'll get better, etc." come across situations that are simply so tough that we don't have a clue what to do. Right?

So have you ever had struggles like this where you feel that you can't take it and are on the verge of going crazy? How did/are you overcoming it? Feel free to share anything you want.

I have had a tough month and up until now, I've done pretty darn good, but I'm finally at the breaking point and do not know what I will do! I don't know if I'm going to cry or get screaming mad (maybe both?). OK, I admit, I already *did* both and well, not a huge change! I recently read a nice little Guidepost article where this couple was having such a nightmare of a time and came across some scripture about waiting 3 days. I can't quite remember the scripture, but it struck them that they should hand the problem over to God and wait three days. Turned out, three days later, they had a breakthrough. It didn't solve the entire problems, but it really saved them big time. So now their little motto or whatever is "wait three days" when having any kind of struggle. Well, guess what guys? Today *was* the third day in my situation! LOL.

So, I'm just curious what you guys do or if you have ever been at such a point in your life? No, I'm not going to hurt myself or anyone else (I hope!) Kidding, kidding. I'm just really going crazy and curious to see if ya'll happen to have any special ways that you've dealt with hardships? I liked the couple's "wait three days" thing, but it ain't cuttin' it. I know nothing will be solved right away, but my particular struggle can be solved and it isn't impossible, I'm just very stuck and desperate.

If you do share, thank you in advance
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- Kira - - Kira -
I'm sorry you're having a hard time! I've had many actual nervous breakdowns in my life. I wish I knew how to stop them. Maybe then I'd have less of them! LOL. Generally, I find that being aware of when you've had too much is really important. Like, right now I'm on leave of absence from work because I was getting really depressed and starting to have a breakdown. Fearing it would get worse, I left for a while to wait things out until they got better. I have Bipolar I and have since I was a child, so I've had a lot of time to get used to reading my mood swings and realizing when I need to leave and level out.

I think the idea of a break can work for regular people too. Maybe you can't take time off from work, but take your weekend and make it all about you. Make a promise that you won't think about the problem for 24 hours and just do fun things. It won't make anything better about the situation, but it might help your mood some. Make sure you take at least ten minutes each day to unwind and have time for you as well. My therapist is ALWAYS on me about that.

Other than that, normal health routines help a lot. Getting enough sleep, not eating junk, etc. You'd be surprised how much of a difference that stuff makes in a mental state.

If things keep getting worse and you really feel like you might have a breakdown - go find a therapist to talk to. Sometimes just having a second perspective really helps. Heck, sometimes just having someone nod their head and listen really helps! A lot of times my therapist says the same things my husband does, but she listens better, so it helps more. LOL.

Anti-depressants are also a good fail safe if things get really, really bad.

Hope things turn around for you soon.
Gracie Gracie
Kira gave such excellent advice I have nothing additional to say other than I am sorry for your stuggle! I also am a proponent of good therapy and appropriate medication. There is no shame in getting help!!!! Sending hugs!!!
js250 js250

There is no magic solution for pulling through a breakdown. It would help if I had a few more details-particularly the 'it can be solved' area, but here goes. Write it down. All of it, every bit of feeling, emotion and actions that have brought you to this point. Who cares if it is legible or not--just write!! When you are done, place it in a sealed envelope and put it away. For the next 24 hours, relax. Do what makes you feel calm, relaxed and safe. And you are, the issues are in the envelope. When you feel s bit stronger, you can take the issues out of the envelope and deal with them one at a time or burn them to free yourself of all the issues. This gives you a written and mental cleansing on these issues. It has worked for me with varying degrees of cleansing....but has made me able to deal with one thing at a time more effectively.

Message me if you need to vent, I am always here!!
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
Originally posted by K101
Have you ever had such a long struggle with something going on in your life? You know, super stressful situations that you aren't able to make go away or make better quickly. When you have something like this going on, where you're struggling ...
i'm really sorry you're going through such a challenge. know that, like all things, it will change. nothing lasts forever.

when i'm gotten in such disastrous times, it's been best for me to see a therapist, take some meds, surround myself with friends and kitties, have therapeutic sex, listen to music, create some art, and most importantly, go out in nature. nature grounds and relaxes me in such a way that is indescribable and invaluable.

get away from technology, don't drink coffee, it only amps up anxiety and nerves. drink a little wine to calm you, take plenty of naps and baths, do alot of self-care.

bless your sweet heart, beautiful girl. you can and will pull through this. i hope the best for you.

if you ever feel like verbally vomiting on someone who won't judge and is far away in cyberland, i'm here for you. PM me anytime.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I'm sorry you're having a tough time. It's really hard to deal with things sometimes.

If I start having my nervous breakdown at work (which happened almost two months ago), I just try to keep my breathing even and keep on working. If I'm at home/alone/with loved ones, it's harder not to totally break down. But I will find a quiet, comfortable spot and try to count or breathe or if someone is there, I will use their ear and shoulder.

These don't always work, but sometimes they do help enough for me to be able to get through the day.
CS2012 CS2012
This never fails for me I love/idolize/adore Michael Jackson because his music/short films ALWAYS make me feel better. I have had a lot of stressful, upsetting, angry times in my life and there has NEVER been not one time where MJ's music did not make me feel better. Depending on what I am going through at the time I will listen to his songs that is appropriate for the situation. If I am upset/hurt/angry at someone I listen to his They Don't Care About Us & This Time Around. Those two songs always help. If I feel just hopeless, helpless & sad is song Keep The Faith always work. MJ's Bad, Earth Song, Wanna Be Starting Something & Billie Jean always cheer me up as well.
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