What is the craziest thing you have ever photographed or videoed with your phone camera?

What is the craziest thing you have ever photographed or videoed with your phone camera?

Bignuf Bignuf
Have you seen or photographed anything sexy, or amazing, or "wow, I saw that by chance", with yours?????

I happened to have my cell camera ready to take a photo of a sailboat once...pretty with blue sky and nice waves, but instead caught the moment that a rogue wave, from a very far out to sea storm, FLIPPED IT TOTALLY.

Thankfully they were VERY near shore and no one was hurt at all...but the boat mast was broken and they were waiting to see if they could even retrieve the boat, when last I had to go.

Have you ever caught anything "WOW" on your camera phone?
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mikeysPlace mikeysPlace
I've captured lots of WOW things in it, but they always involve my wife. Haha!

Ok, I did catch a car-b-que at a Jack In The Box parking lot once. I would post the pictures but they weren't as dramatic as it sounds. Most of the smoke had already cleared when I snapped my pics.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I have a picture on my phone of a local dumpster that proclaims that the city eats children. That's about it, though. My phone loads the camera app too slow for me to catch things most of the time. If it loaded faster, I would have photos of a huge lemur fight at the zoo.
Voilet Voilet
Now, these aren't anything super amazing, but I used to have pictures from about a year or so ago, when our area was flooded really bad. Roads were actually blocked, and I had to take an alternate route to my Mom's house. And I remember just my mind being blown about how all the way to the road's edge, was just WATER. You could see the tops of fences poking out a little bit from it. It really blew my mind. (I'd never experienced a floor before)
(Although, it's sort of funny that last year we had floods, and this year we have a drought)
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