What is the most common misconception when it comes to "Strippers"?

What is the most common misconception when it comes to "Strippers"?

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I'm about to go an interview one of my good friends who has been a stripper for 2 years. I'm doing it for a Sexis article based on some shit my coworker has said about the subject, which is pretty damn funny. I was wondering if you all had anything to add before I leave?
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spineyogurt spineyogurt
Theat tthe will have sex
Bleu Bleu
That they don't have real lives and that they live like you'd think a stripper would. For example, they are prostitutes or dress like they do at work everyday but really they are single moms struggling to get by. It's not their choice to come into that field of work.
MrWill MrWill
I have a friend, everyone assumes she is a dope fiend whore because she strips.

Far from it. She works as a fitness instructor, is pulling a 3.95 in her classes (taking 18 hours) and has more than enough to take care of her 2 children from the same deadbeat that took off on her.

Granted, she was making enough before she started stripping.. She's driving a nice car and 3,000 from paying her house off. Stripping set her up. Did I mention she should only owe about 2,000 when she finishes school?

So... not all strippers are skeezers that will do anything for the next bump.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
That they have self-esteem issues, come from a broken home, and live on welfare.

One friend who's a former stripper complained about the assholes that told her that her "plastic surgery doc fucked up her tits" ... her boobs are naturally large and asymmetrical. So, add to your list "the patron belief that they don't have to respect strippers".
hjtee hjtee
That they're all idiots. Some are very intelligent!
Septimus Septimus
The biggest misconception about strippers is probably that they're sex workers. I'm sure that some strippers are, and that there are sex workers who also strip, but that doesn't mean that *all* strippers are sex-workers.
Probably the one that they all have "daddy issues." I'm so tired of every woman involved in sex work or, hell, even trying to look sexy being accused of having a bad father.
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