What is your favorite online shopping site?

What is your favorite online shopping site?

Bignuf Bignuf
Other then adult toys/cloths, which I love getting from here at EF, I am finding myself buying almost all other things in life...from cloths, to electronics, toys, home goods, and now even some grocery items, from Amazon.Com. Amazing service, prices and like EF, I can use reviews to compare items.

We renovated our kitchen using items from Amazon, and figured out we easily saved over $10,000 on all the name brand fixtures! (not counting local tax we would have had to pay)!!!

What is your favorite online shopping site?
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invisiblehat invisiblehat
I also like Amazon. I have a couple vintage interests, and for that I either visit thrift stores or check eBay.
misterazor misterazor
amazon is good.
for shoes and sports stuff...6pm.com
sillylilkitten sillylilkitten
Other than EF, I love Etsy.
Martiniman Martiniman
Other than EF...Wicked Temptations.
Trixxxy Trixxxy
Etsy and ebay
K101 K101
Originally posted by Bignuf
Other then adult toys/cloths, which I love getting from here at EF, I am finding myself buying almost all other things in life...from cloths, to electronics, toys, home goods, and now even some grocery items, from Amazon.Com. Amazing service, prices ...
Oh dear! There are SO many! I'd say I shop online mostly for my organic products like bath & body, dental supplies. I do adore this one place called 599Fashion because their clothing and jewelry and shoes is fabulous and all 5.99 & under! LOVE that shop. I shop there a lot. I've got 3 dresses & some shoes & jewelry from them and love all of it. Shipping is like $6, but it's usually worth it.

The other shops I buy from most often are Maadisha (organic soaps and I use their bar soap for brushing my teeth). Um... Herbaria for soaps, Auromere for soaps & tooth soaps that are safe.

Oh, I also have a thing for Bad Ass Jewelry. I've bought some rings from them and love them. Body Candy is one I've purchased from for years & years. I also like a certain brand of corsets that aren't sold here and I shop at one site that sells the brand occasionally, not regularly though. It's expensive.

I shop at Amazon if I HAVE to like when I needed some annealed steel wire & I had THOUGHT Amazon's price said $1.99 and suddenly when I got the bill & finally my packaged, I was charged $5. So I prefer to shop from shops like Maadisha or those where it's real people making products for a living.

I have looked into buy my organic grocery items but they are SO expensive online. I cannot get over it or seem to figure out why. I'd pay double and sometimes TRIPLE to order offline & cannot find a site that sells the organic foods/grocery items I need for cheap. I was actually looking into Kefir (drink) lastnight & the cheapest I could find it online was $9! So I remembered seeing a Kefir drink for only $1.99 at a gas station and tonight I went there to buy it, and they were out. I ended up finding a large container of strawberry Kefir at my local grocery store for guess what? $3 freaking bucks! So I was pissed that the cheapest I could find it online was $9 and that was for SINGLE servings! WTF?

Unfortunately, we don't have a very large organic market in my area. I have to drive an hour & a half to get to the closest ones and there are two -- Earth Fare and World Market. I hated World Market because they're very overpriced. On our flea market lot on Thursdays, farmers set up and sell their own organic, naturally grown produce, so I'm sticking with them. Plus it's better to spend my money on real farmers.

Those are about the only shops I can think of that I frequently buy from online right now. Those are the ones I've purchased from in the last 3 months at least. I'm going to make a purchase from this one site called Iodone something -- something Iodone, but I forgot! LOL. It's a family owned business that makes organic health products and I really want to try their natural tooth & gum powder as well as their diatomaceous earth!

So you've actually saved by purchasing on Amazon? Nothing I've bought from there has saved me any money than buying elsewhere yet. I've bought all sorts of shit off there and pay about equal to anywhere else. But I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled since you have saved on fixtures from there. I've been considering buying this ultra-sound device & I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering it from Amazon because it actually was a little cheaper than ordering from the original manufacturer, which is strange to me. But I want it for helping with my teeth and other things, but mostly for helping with teeth re-growth. I'm just so scared to shell out $100+ for that. I almost feel guilty. I've been doing research about using the device for almost 8 months now, and I'm pretty positive about it, but gosh! I'm just not the kind of girl who spends that kind of money & I'm already feeling guilty because I'm thinking I'm going to have to pay $50 for damn jeans (I hate jeans!) because I can't find another brand to fit me, and my 3 pairs are incredibly, incredibly too big. I do not pay $50 for pants. I used to pay $30 and that's fine with me, but $50 is a lot! I'm hoping to find them on sale this weekend. Then maybe I won't feel so badly for saving up a whole $100+ for the freaking ultra-sound device. LOL. I torture myself with being a tight wad. Ha Ha.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Other than EF? ...maybe ThinkGeek, Etsy, Amazon, and J-List.
(Too hard to pick just one when they all cater to a different market for the most part.)
Living Doll Living Doll
Amazon and eBay.
Bullfroggy and Rose Bullfroggy and Rose
amazon and here
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
There are seriously so many. I love using ebates to go through however, so I can score some great coupons and earn money back.

I love amazon, eBay, & etsy though.

As well as being a mom I love shopping on zulily and totsy since they have some great and amazing sales!

Other than that it's just the normal department stores online, jcpenny and sears.

Then of course for all my western wear and house hold stuff and such I go through drysdales and sheplers.
Cat E. Cat E.
Amazon is the absolute best.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I just shop on EF. Use to be an Ebay junkie, but I stopped that
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