What is your personal "theme" song? The one that means the most and why?

What is your personal "theme" song? The one that means the most and why?

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I have many songs that mean so much to me. BUT . . . I have three songs that will always be meaningful and special, they are me.
1. Rodney Atkins - If you Are Going Through Hell
2. Johnny Cash - Hurt
3. Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

Song 1 reminds me to live and let go, life gets better, haul ass and get through the bad stuff before you get stuck in it. Song 2 reminds me of the regrets, live & be proud of who you are and can be, you are the one that has to face yourself in the mirror every day, don't hurt yourself. Song 3 reminds me of the hope and love you carry in you when you have that relationship that you believe is the one. Don't ever lose that feeling . . . it keeps the world good.
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Kkay Kkay
I've always viewed theme songs as something that described a person, so for me, Bernard Fanning's Songbird has always been my theme.

For meaningful songs, probably Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flats version). It's a cliched choice, but I've never really listened to it as a love song.

I went through a lot of abuse. A lot. And I'm still really fucked up by it, and I'm broken in ways that I can't fix, and most days, I'm okay with that. I deal. But for me, that song is about everything that's fucked up and wrong in life leading you to somewhere good. And sometimes, I need to believe in something like that. I need there to be some kind of meaning to it all.
- Kira - - Kira -
Bright Eyes - Sunrise, Sunset

It's about changing mood swings and feeling one way and then the next. "You're hopeful then you regret." "The circle never breaks." Because of my own personal issues it's always been something that hits close to home. I sure wish I had a less depressing theme song but that's one of my all time favorite songs and the one I've always called my theme.
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