What're the little things in life that YOU enjoy?

What're the little things in life that YOU enjoy?

Trashley Trashley
I had a bad neuroscience midterm yesterday, so I went on a friendly bender with some pals and we ended up at the pier at 2 in the morning. There were these little birds on the beach. I thought they were baby seagulls (I guess I was wrong), but anyway, ONWITHTHESTORY. All they would do, no matter what we did, was play tag with the waves. They'd chase the water into the ocean and right when it was about to crash on the beach again, they'd all turn away and run for their little birdy lives. I was so taken with these little critters having a ball, I just couldn't get over it. My friend said, "You must really like animals," and all I could think was, "God, that's so weird! How could you not just wanna love these guys? How can you not treasure that?" And then I found five dollars.

I know.

So what're the simple pleasures you guys like?
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ToyGeek ToyGeek
I love watching animals play, it's the best! I also really like staring blankly up into the sky at night, it's very soothing.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
That is indeed a cool story.

Right now I'm totally taken by my dog (Maltese-Poodle) laying on the back cushion of my sofa and he has the tip of his little tongue sticking out while he's sleeping.

I also like listening to the rain on a metal roof. The smell of apple orchards in the spring. Windy evenings in the summer. Full moon on the horizon in autumn. Watching snow fall in winter.
married with children married with children
watching my kids play with something simple and silly. they get so much enjoyment out of it.
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