What's a piece of lingerie you wish you could change?

What's a piece of lingerie you wish you could change?

klyte klyte
I've come across so many comments on site on lingerie that some have stated, "If it wasn't for that non-removable bow, I'd buy.." or "If it wasn't for the lace up part, it'd be so cute." Have you come across a piece of lingerie recently that if one thing were different, you'd buy it in a heartbeat?

I see so many that I fall in absolute love with, but one part wouldn't suit my body, but maybe would suit someone else's. Of course, we all have our different opinions, but I do feel that some pieces here on Eden we can collectively say that we don't know what the manufacturer was thinking putting sequins -there.-
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K101 K101
I have plenty of lingerie/clubwear items that I wish had been made differently. When it comes to choosing not to buy something though, it depends.

I'm the girl who says "it only has 4 bows on it? I would SO buy this if it had more bows!" LOL.

I think the main thing for me (when it comes to choosing NOT to buy a piece of lingerie) is plain lingerie. Plain black sheer camisoles or babydolls. Does nothin' for me. I like flashy, sparkly, bold neon or bright colors, lacey, lotsa bows and ruffle, super feminine! Borderline tacky maybe. Lol.

Secondly, the fit. Too tight or if it looks ill-fitting, it ain't going on my wish list.

Lacey, ribbons, bows and ruffle -- I'm more than likely going to buy it. I always end up buying that type of thing. LOVE that stuff.
wwwww wwwww
For me it's mostly the length on most lingerie. There are many items I've passed on because they were simply too short.

I also can't stand when I see something that's beautifully made but it's limited to really uncommon/gaudy colours like neon pink or lime green.
Beck Beck
Most of them...to a size XL that fits large busted.
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
For me, if it fits, I'll buy it. I'm a hard size to fit, and I've made my peace with that.
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