what type of pets do u have/had

what type of pets do u have/had

kawigrl kawigrl
wondering if there are any other animal enthusiasts out there

dogs, cats, birds, fish, small furry critters, reptiles, other?
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potstickers potstickers
I've had fish, a bird, chickens, and two cats. I love cats the most.

Something weird I've wanted for a few years now if I ever strike it rich - a saltwater aquarium. For some reason I think nudibranchs are some of the most gorgeous and adorable things ever. Plus, how could you not love something that's been nicknamed "nudi"?
How could you not love that face?
Some personal faves
They come in so many colors and shapes it's hard to pick just one!
Yoda Yoda
We love our pets. We've had tropical fish, fancy rats, finches, and as of this spring, a dog.
PussyGalore PussyGalore
Well at my dad's place we had chickens, guineas, quarter horses and a kennel of dogs that were AKC registered and the puppies sold for profit. The horses were mostly for fun but would occasionally help with the garden chores if need be. The guineas were watchguards and the chickens were food.

At my mom's I had a very large dog as a small child and then we got a lab/pit mix and then the lhasa.

As an adult, I had a black lab and a tortie. The tortie went rogue over the balcony never to be seen again and the lab went back to the pound to find a more suitable home for him. (He was a destroyer and I was in no position to finance behavior lessons or spend 24/7 with him.)
RomeroB RomeroB
When I was younger I had lots and lots of fish in a large aquarium, a dog and a couple of cats. Now that I am older I hate fish they just creep me out. I had one cat that was given to me a couple of years ago and he was great and very loving. He passed away a couple of months ago. My boyfriend had a dog that was a stray and she turned out to be such a great dog. We had her for 11years and she passed away a few days before our son was born. She was already going deaf and had other health issues. My sister in law gave my daughter a turtle on Saturday so that is the only pet we have now. We are looking to adopt a dog but we are waiting till our son gets a little bit older.
BadassFatass BadassFatass
I've had a lot of pets over the years. Currently I have two dogs, a rabbit and a snake.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
We have 2 cats.
sweet seduction sweet seduction
I've had all of the above
Alura Une Alura Une
I've had cats, fish, birds, dogs. They have all been a part of my family. I have been especially close to our cats. My last kitty friend and I shared nearly 17 years together. It's hard to explain the bond we had. She left this world almost two years ago. I miss her and think of her daily.

We haven't brought home any new pets (that aren't virtual pets, haha...). I want to find "the one" but we haven't really looked.
buzz buzz
Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and turtles
Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake
That Guy That Guy
Cats, a dog, a turtle, a bird, and some frogs.
Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
My first pet was a fish. His name was Big Pearl. That fish lived for about 10 years - no lie. When he died I cried and buried him in the back yard. He was just a gold fish and he was way to big to flush down the toilet, lol.

I also had a puppy named Nanubee. My mom named her, lol. She was a great dog, but she ate my homework, literally, lol. And for some reason it was only my math homework and my band music she liked to eat. To top things off my math teacher was the teacher who hated me the most and would send me to the office every time I told her Nanubee ate my homework, lol.

Then I had a cat named Kabay. It was like Kitty and Baby put together, lol. She was a whore, lol. I would come home and she'd some how have a male cat in my house. Sometimes she'd be gone for days on a sexcapade and come home pregnant. Then one day she left and never came home.

Now I have a boxer named Rocki. She is the best dog ever. She listens better than any kid I've ever known. She's just like a daughter to us. I don't know what we're gonna do when she dies. It's gonna be like losing a child.
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
Dogs ~ and they are like our kids.

Malachi - pit bull - a thief and a crybaby. I take him to the pet store and he helps himself to the treats in the lower bins and then cries and hides behind me when a small puppy comes up to sniff him. The employees get such a kick out of him. We never planned to own a pit, but he was facing a short life as a bait dog. I brought him home and The Husband almost killed me. He's never shown one ounce of agressice nature towards our little dogs, even when nipped at by them. All he wants is to be hugged and loved on. His biggest problem is crawling up in your lap (he thinks he's small like the others) which creates a problem for those who are not expecting a 60lb. lap dog.

Honey - Rat Terrier - Took her in after a co-workers roomate strangled her when she wouldnt stop crying as a puppy.

Rocky - Chihuahua - Took him in. Ran away from Mississippi and found him here (Alabama). Owners abused him. Took a year before he would allow The Husband to touch him. Swingy things frightened him. He's stable and happy now.

Fats(female) & Mookie(male) - Chia Rats - Honey & Rocky's babies - Fats was born overweight, hence the name. She prefers big boned. She will only walk so far before insisting on being carried like a baby. Mookie is scared of christmas trees.

Zoe - yorkiepoo - Adopted from my little sister who had no business getting a dog. She left her in a cage for the first year of her life. She's got some serious mental issues which we work through everyday, but we love this little freak. She snaps at the pitbull but also plays with him constantly. It's a love/hate relationship with those two.

They are all house trained. They are VERY well taken care of. We love these guys and we just wanted to give them a better life; in doing so, they became a part of our family.
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