What was your first memory?

What was your first memory?

Sera Sera
I can remember a few first memories, and then some, and yet others are just pieces. What can you remember?
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SexyySarah SexyySarah
I'm the same way, I remember times when I was 3, and then nothing till about 1st grade, so it's here and there things I remember.
Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
I THINK my first one was this.

I was about two and a half. Mom had made some cake/cookie dough I don't know what now...but she let me have the wood spoon to lick.

Well apparently I decided to take off running with the spoon in my mouth, totally biffed and scraped the hell out of my throat. Dad picked me up, I was gushing blood (so I'm told)....So they rushed me to the ER...

I don't remember any of THAT...but when we were at the hospital I remember them trying to get meds in me.........they were pink! lol
Jenn (aka kissmykitty) Jenn (aka kissmykitty)
I have a vague memory of standing my crib, looking out at my bedroom. My mom didn't believe me until I described what I saw -- a toy box, a line-up of bears, the color of the curtains, etc. These were things that she changed by my third birthday, and there weren't any pictures showing what I saw in my memory.
Dusk Dusk
I remember running around my best friend's house when I was about 3, playing with red, yellow, and blue flashlights and the lights out.
deadpoet deadpoet
I remember living with my real dad, when I was 4 delivering newspapers, way too early in the morning. Then nothing till I'm 7, and was trying to catch a bunny in the yard, and having to be kindergarden twice. Then nothing, again, till I was 10.

I have been told bad things happened the years that I can't remember. But I didn't ask for details.
Coralbell Coralbell
I have some memories from the house I moved away from when I was 2. One is trying to climb out of my crib, and the other one is when I got a new pacifier and didn't like it as much as the old one.
Kim! Kim!
I remember my grandparents tucking me into my crib, winding up my Precious Moments music box, and turning out my light while leaving the room. i remember quite a bit from before I was 3, that's when my separated and I think my mind wanted to remember those days.
jakjak jakjak
for me literally was getting out of my bed...asking my mom what was different about today. really weird. I think I was about 3 and a half.
onehotmomma onehotmomma
I remember bits and pieces from when i was almost 3. I was at my neighbors house whom is a close family friend. She always had those butterscotch disc candies in a candy bowl on her counter. My mom got me a candy and I saw next to the candy bowl was REAL candy. I don't remember what I did to sneak back in the kitchen, but I remember almost falling off a chair, and I remember my mom taking me home and I puked all across the street. The next thing I remember was it being in the middle of the night and I was laying in the middle of the living room floor, it was pitch black (I was scared of the dark) and I was on an old blanket and I had puked a whole bunch more.

Come to find out the "real candy" was a bottle of Tums, which I ate almost the whole entire thing. My mom had put me down for a nap in the bedroom off of the kitchen so I snuck in there to eat them unnoticed.
Tisbury Tisbury
I remember that I almost died when I was 3. My brother dropped me when he was carrying me and I fell on the floor and blood splattered everywhere. Had to goto the hospital and I almost died. It was my birthday the next day. A little further back, I just remember messing with a keyboard when my mom was signing me up for piano classes.
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