What would you buy for your sister?

What would you buy for your sister?

ToyGurl ToyGurl 12/05/2011

Trying to make a large gift basket for my sister. She's moving out of the house and I'm trying to help her settle into her apartment. Here's what is already in it:

- 2 lip glosses from Victoria's Secret

- The Twilight Series (LOL)

- A fluffy pink robe + slippers

- A fluffy white bath towel

- Two pink pillow cases

- A tea set (two cups, box of different exotic tea bags, spoons, natural sugar)

Invited: All advanced reviewers.

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ToyGurl ToyGurl
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indiglo indiglo
Personally, I would most prefer the 2 body scrubs. I rarely take baths, so no need for bubble baths, and I LOVE body scrubs!!

Sounds like a really nice basket you're making there - that is so sweet of you!
Lily Night Lily Night
I think the body scrub would be a fitting addition with everything else. But it is awfully nice to have a bag to store little things that can wander off never to be found again.
Eliza Eliza
I chose the bubble bath. I think it would be nice to have something to relax with.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I chose body wash b/c I love body wash.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'm assuming this is probably for a teenager. I would probably get a her a bubble bath and/ or the walnut scrub; I think the bubble bath would compliment the Twilight series and bath robe quite nicely.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Thanks for all the ideas! It's still such a hard choice. I might have to let this one go another week before I can settle on anything!
js250 js250
The bath products fit the rest of the basket nicely!!
tlaskowski tlaskowski
what about a waterproof vibe? thats what i got my sis!
Kitka Kitka
Walnut sugar scrub and the silver divine carry on. Cute but not too in your face if that's a concern with sex toys.
Envy Envy
Don't have a sister... but I love walnuts.
K101 K101
The venus scrubs! For sure! The Divine Carry-on would be awesome too. Sounds like your sister is very lucky!
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