When Fear Of The Unknown Changes Leads To Widespread Panic....

When Fear Of The Unknown Changes Leads To Widespread Panic....

js250 js250
As most of us has heard by now, there have been more drastic changes on the site than we realized. However, the smartest and most beneficial way to handle these changes is with calmness and patience--not by panic and speculation.

Think back to key areas in your life when there were dramatic changes. Did the panic and speculation help the outcome or make it worse? Tell us about how the change affected you and if you should have handled it differently--knowing what you know now?
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Kissy Kissy
Well put! You are right. It is scary, very scary, but we all love this place, right? Don't we all have that still... let's stay positive and not jump to conclusions and drastic measures!!!

Thanks so much for posting this!
spiced spiced
So true!

I remember the shock of losing a job for the first time. The restaurant I was working for went out of business and we (the employees) didn't find out about it until what turned out to be our last day, which also happened the be the Friday before New Year's. I think we were all terrified about what we were going to do. I KNOW I was. The economy was down, and we were almost all living paycheck to paycheck. Worst New Year's EVER.

Fortunately, we all landed new jobs in a short time. I ended up moving to a new town for a MUCH better job. This led to a better, more rewarding life and if the restaurant hadn't gone out of business, I wouldn't even have been aware of the opportunity. But it was SCARY at first. Since then, it's been easier for me to stay cool when things get shaky, and to have faith that things will turn out well.

I hope everyone will stay cool and keep the faith in this time of transition. It WILL be OK.
js250 js250
Mine was a very recent development...I had to move my retail business while at the same time keeping it open for production of the current orders I had. One of the orders was regarding a memorial plaque for a headstone. I designed the plaque and sent it to my company...then found out I charged less than half of what the funeral homes were charging for a small, engraved plaque.

This opened up a new door for my business, helping to comfort those who wanted a special memorial for their loved ones. I have decided to take my business in a different path and am getting a different clientele and business opportunities.

If I would not have been at my new location, none of this would have happened.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
I could keep you here all night with tales from my younger days when any major change sent me into a panic. All that ever got me was sleepless nights and strained relationships. Some things are simply out of our control, so now when "shit happens" (as Alan says) I just keep myself occupied and don't think much about it until everything settles down. If it turns out for the better, cool, I'm there. If not, then I take it as a sign to move on to other places or things. Funny enough, more things turn out for the better now that I'm in the habit of *not* stressing about them.

Panic has never ever helped me. Now I tend to go into extra-calm mode instead and focus on solutions or finding information when I feel like panicking.
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