When partying, does it annoy you when others spend the entire night talking about their kids?

When partying, does it annoy you when others spend the entire night talking about their kids?

K101 K101
Curious again over here. I want to know, when you guys go out to a party and the people there continue bombarding everyone with kid-stuff, does it get under your skin? Do you get annoyed when at a party and someone there just keeps on and on about kids when it's your night away and you (and likely everyone else at the party) is trying to enjoy the night of kid-free fun?

I'm not saying I hate the talk of kids at all. I don't mind any actually until it gets to the point that the entire night that was supposed to be an adult party starts feeling more like a damn baby shower.

Okay, I'll admit. I could be just a tad bitter about the whole kid-thing anyways, but I think my annoyances are... legit.

What brings this question to mind is a close friend of my partner and I had plans to party tonight -- one of our other friends who's been in the military comes home this time each year, so it's tradition to party). This is a night we all look forward to every year. So our friend, my partner and I met up with our friend (the one we were partying for) and went about an hour away for our party that only happens once a year.

There happened to be a girl there who was new to the "gang" and from the very second she showed up it was all baby this and baby that. I didn't mind at all, and actually enjoyed it for the first hour. Lots of cute photos. Yay. Congrats. And then as she continued to get drunk, it seemed the baby-talk got worse. And worse. And worse.

I think the point where I really got fed up was after a few hours of being there, I'd had a headache that turned into a raging migraine and here she was right behind us everwhere we sat. For instance, someone asked me what was wrong and was I tired. And she says "you really don't know tired until you have to stay up all night with a new baby and then get up at 6AM all over again." Okay, that's fine. She's saying she's tired. But why is it that she assumed I would not understand that? She never asked if I had kids! I do know that. I know that with 4 different children actually.

Maybe that was part of it. Perhaps that assumption, the migraine and the continuous baby, baby, baby all piled up and caused my irritation. I did feel a little icky when she said that like I must not understand.

And number two: if she was so tired all the time why did she spend her night at a party instead of sleeping? Maybe I'm just ill at this point.

Then on another instance, completely out of the blue, she said "people always tell me that I don't look like I've not had a baby.'" And she told me that she always responds to them with "Duh! It's called working out, you should do it too!" I don't know if she actually tells people that when they say she doesn't look like she's had a child -- a compliment, I'd think -- and to respond with "you should too" just came off as something a rude person would say. Maybe that was another point that I was subconsciously knocking off on her?

And then when it came to the keg stand, I turned down my opportunity and boy was that wrong. I did not want to be turned upside down and be sloppy drunk, and especially not with the migraine I have. I just wasn't comfortable with that tonight. It's been a long time since I've had a lot to drink, and a keg stand would've turned me into one messy fool.

She never shut up about it. I'm totally weird for not participating. Tons of other people didn't do it, why am I the weird one? And then after she had more beer she urged me again to take a turn at the keg stand. When I said I've not drank a whole lot in so long that I'd make a fool of myself, she said "it's an every weekend thing for me." That's fine, but you can't complain about never getting sleep due to your child if your up til' the crack of down partying each weekend! Then she made a remark about how if you have kids you'll drink as much as you can, as often as you can. What? She simply assumed I'd not ever had kids, but never asked. And no, not every parent feels that way. I don't! I don't drink every weekend.

After it went on and on, I was beginning to be annoyed and kind of insulted by her remarks. Before she started drinking though, I really enjoyed her company and thought she was fun. I don't know if I was just a little irritated from the headache and the assumptions (and the baby-bitterness?) that I got a little icky about her or what.

However, any time I'm at a party, I do not want to constantly talk about kids. That is all we do all week long. The kids need shoes, the 24th is M's b-day, what are we going to do for her? Is the middle kid going to have a way to football? Is he going to have his pink socks he can't live without? For the love of Pete! Let's just leave the kid convo for just a couple hours while partying. Parties are supposed to be stress free. And it was agitating to be having a nice conversation about what our friend had been through while stationed in TX, only to have her pipe in with "well, dude, if you had a kid, there's no way you'd do something like that." Really!

Now it looks like I've went crazy and vented. Lol. Just curious though, am I just in a crappy mood tonight or do you guys get the same way at parties?
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Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
I commend you for your self control. I would've flown off the handle after the first hour and would've had a smart remark for every one of her off-beat rude remarks. How irresponsible for her to be partying every weekend when she has a baby to take care of at home. Every weekend? Dang. And when she finally gets to have adult company she can't have a simple adult conversation outside of the baby theme? It seems this crazy lunatic wanted every attention drifted back to her.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
My condolences; I come from the other side of not wanting to hear it because I don't have or want kids. I can't identify with over half of my friends from high school because they've gone "middle class dream" with home, kids, high-profile jobs, the white picket fence, and they have no time for hanging out.

Hang with artists and musicians - the conversations are much more interesting.
- Kira - - Kira -
I hate, hate, hate when people do that. I'm always extra cautious about talking about my son too much because I realize that no people (especially people I don't know well) don't care about the little cute things he does like I would or my family would. To them, he's just some kid. Who wants to hear about that all night? Even when people ask me about him I try not to get too excited and start blabbing all day. I'll only show photos if someone asks.

And people have told me I look like I haven't had a kid and I would never DREAM of saying "yeah, you should too!" That's just rude.

Yes, a child changes things, but you still have to be a person outside of just being "mom."
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
Having a child is fine. Mentioning that you have a child is fine. Being encouraged in that mentioning in fine. Pictures are fine in moderation, cute stories are fine in moderation. Being an obnoxious bint is never fine, no matter if all she's talking about is her kid, her boyfriend, her cat, her job, or her favorite My Little Pony. People who only have one subject are boring, and she was being boring and insulting by assuming that her one interest was the most interesting thing ever, and no one else could have ever had an experience to compare with it.
married with children married with children
I tend to hang out with other people who have kids. So it does not bother me when they talk about their kids.
Dixiemomma Dixiemomma
hehe I have a kid but i have to say on the rare chances i get to be away from her i definitely dont spend the night talking about her! heck i'm free to be me again for a few hours i'm taking advantage!! was it a newborn? maybe she just had the whole "i'm a new mommy and never been away from my baby before" thing going on? lol sorry you got annoyed, that would get old fast!
Jesyra Jesyra
If it's a night off party, kid talk should be pretty minimal. I get some of it, especially early in the evening, but there's a limit. There's also a limit to how stupid a drunk person can get before they deserve to be put in their place. From what you're saying she totally surpassed it.

I commend you for being so calm. I would've gotten rude with the girl.
edeneve edeneve
beat anything to death & it gets irritating.
shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Originally posted by K101
Curious again over here. I want to know, when you guys go out to a party and the people there continue bombarding everyone with kid-stuff, does it get under your skin? Do you get annoyed when at a party and someone there just keeps on and on about ...
at first i was gonna say no and that is because i am one of the ones that talks about my kids..but that was off your title after reading what you had to say...Id say hell ya id be annoyed!But maybe not to the fact about talking about her kid all nite but the comments you said she said and not even asking you about you and if you had kids!I think if shhe was a caring ligit parent that was proud of there kids and talked about them then she would of asked about you and your kids!t sounds like she wanted attention and sympathy for having a kid and the comment about her body...OO that would piss me off i probably would of thrown a slam at her..or about the keg stand..yup when she said you were weird not to i would of made a slam to her then too! I wouldve had a migraine to kendra...sorry you didnt get to enjoy your nite out without your kids,I know that those nites come far few inbetween!
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