Where are your toys mailed to?

Where are your toys mailed to?

Alegria Alegria
I know many of the reviewers here own their own house or apartment. And I know a few people stay in the dorms at their university, or live in their parent's house.

What about you?

Also, I'm about to get a P.O. box to receive toys in, what size would be best: 11x5.5 or 11x11? Thanks for the help!
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
My Personal Home
A Friend or Significant Other's House
My Parent's House
A P.O. Box
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Alegria Alegria
So far, I've had a toy shipped to parent's house(risky!) because I still stay there in the summer. But for the majority, I get them when I live in the dorms.
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
I get them sent to my dorm during the school year, but when I stay with my parents for the holidays, I have them sent to my boyfriend's place for safekeeping.
Kayla Kayla
I have an apartment, and all of my toys are shipped there. I have to be here to receive the packages or they go back to the post office.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Mine are shipped to my house, the thing that worries me is the post lady will leave my package on top of the mail box. I live on a two lane country highway and the box is about 100 yards from the house and I can't see it. I worry that someone will drive by and help themselves to my toy's. Thankfully I have not had any problems yet.
Waterfall Waterfall
I have them sent to my house during the summer and on vacations, but during the school year I have them shipped to my dorm or apartment.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
I get mine shipped to my PO Box.
Honestly, I've tried to have things sent to my house and they can't find me on GPS!! You know when live in the boondocks when...
PassionQT PassionQT
Right at home! And good thing the boxes are discreet because my kids usually get excited when they see a box at the door.
Annemarie Annemarie
I live with my dad, so I have them sent here. It's no big deal; my dad respects my privacy and doesn't open things that don't belong to him.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
It's great that the boxes are all either USPS boxes or plain brown cardboard.
...... ......
Having stuff shipped here is not a problem since it's pretty much just my husband and myself. Well except for my son and his daughter, but he doesn't care.
Jul!a Jul!a
I have things come right to the house. At this point just about everybody knows what's in them, I just sometimes wonder what the mailman thinks when I get large orders, lol
Victoria Victoria
Our house, or from the office.

We do have such discreet shipping and labeling though - it is a nice reassurance.
B8trDude B8trDude
My home. The package is very discrete (the generic Priority mail container was used).
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
I have them shipped to my apartment at school during the school year and at home during the summer. Sometimes though, if I know I'm getting a particularly big, suspicious looking package I have it sent to my boyfriend's apartment.
clp clp
I have them delivered to my home; I've never cared too much about what anyone else thinks. If it is a matter of discretion, though, I would be very careful about who you buy from. While most places tell you that they have safe shipping, they may still bomb your box with graphic postcard sale announcements or other types of mailers. *Edens does not do this*... just certain others.
Sammi Sammi
Ours are shipped to our house.
Sir Sir
My home.
NightNight NightNight
I've had some shipped to both my parents' house and my in-laws' house!!
Andromeda Andromeda
They get sent to my campus mailbox, or my friend's house.
deadpoet deadpoet
My house, which is my parents house. Might be moving in the future, so might be my dads house or boyfriends, don't know yet
deltalima deltalima
I send it to my house but I might change that soon. A lot of missing packages.
sexysweetieshan sexysweetieshan
I have my toys sent to my house. We are hopefully gonna be moving soon, so I'm gonna have to keep an eye on my old house for packages and mail until the mail gets all straightened out.
Apinkjellybean04 Apinkjellybean04
I have them sent to my home.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by clp
I have them delivered to my home; I've never cared too much about what anyone else thinks. If it is a matter of discretion, though, I would be very careful about who you buy from. While most places tell you that they have safe shipping, they may ...
Yeah, I know. I get some pretty raunchy post card type mailers from.....somebody else. My Man thinks it's hysterical when these cards with nearly nude women and the word "SEX!!!!" is splashed all over them come for me. I don't think it's so funny, (and my little one gets the mail sometimes.) But, they don't seem to stop sending them, no matter what I do.

I am SO glad Eden (and at least one other high end toy site) doesn't do this.
gone77 gone77
I have them sent directly to my home. My family knows what I do and even if they didn't, they wouldn't dare open a package addressed to me.
Coralbell Coralbell
I live with my parents but I get them sent to the house. I never even thought about getting a P.O. box. I'm sure they're curious about the packages, but they mind their own business.
ScottA ScottA
It depends on the size of the toys you're getting. Eden's smallest box is about 7" on all sides, and it can go up from there. Keep in mind that if the box doesn't fit in your P.O. box the post office will hold it at the counter and you can pick it up there.
Maiden Maiden
I have it delivered to our home, but I do worry about it at times. We live in the country, surrounded by my man's family all around. All of our mail boxes are together, so I worry that some one might accidentally open one thinking it is there's. Hasn't happened so far, and the chance is small, but I get paranoid that his grandma will open a package and see this huge cock! lol

His mom lives next door and she has been getting her toys delivered here because her husband is nosey and she hides such things from him.
SexyySarah SexyySarah
I put my personal home and my parents house cause I live with my parents currently. (We are moving out soon though, so so it will just be my personal home).
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