Who has the best Pizza?

Who has the best Pizza?

phunkyphreak phunkyphreak
I am just curious out of chain pizza places who likes what? I like some local chains better the national.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Pizza Hut
littlezimmey , sexygoddess , slynch , sixfootsex , padmeamidala , kelaaa33wish , darthkitt3n , Yoda , sexyk515 , Karakaten , chidoll , meganthomas , tickle me pink , barrettbn2 , klyte , Stephanie Majors , wrmbreze , OroNomi , Curiouscat , T&A1987 , LaSchwartz , TheSlyFox
Little Ceasars
wrmbreze , LaSchwartz
Shellz31 , Persephone Nightmare , Rockin' , Mihoshi4301 , Nazaress , wrmbreze , Squeaky , Peggi , Cherrylane , TheSlyFox
Papa Johns
littlezimmey , sexygoddess , Waterfall , MaryExy , alliegator , Cream in the Cupcake , PiratePrincess , *HisMrs* , darthkitt3n , pinkcupcakes , gone77 , Lily Night , tim1724 , namelesschaos , wetone123 , Rockin' , tickle me pink , barrettbn2 , TameTemptress , wrmbreze , guard083 , LaSchwartz , TheSlyFox
Cici's Pizza
darthkitt3n , Peggi
Papa Murphys
Sammi , married with children , Annemarie , slynch
Local Chain
Waterfall , Sammi , Annemarie , DeliciousSurprise , slynch , sixfootsex , PiratePrincess , El-Jaro , Coralbell , BadassFatass , Chilipepper , Carolinagirl08 , hjtee , EndlessFrost , ZenaidaMacroura , (Re)tired Stripper , Rockin' , barrettbn2 , Allstars316 , cburger , wrmbreze , Squeaky , zwee75 , 12345678 , Masokisti , OroNomi , Lucky21 , Peggi , BlooJay , Cherrylane , Megan Jean , voenne , ily
Cream in the Cupcake , Lady Venus , link82 , Lio , kawigrl , Gunsmoke , DeliciousSurprise , PassionQT , That Guy , Shellz31 , Selective Sensualist , dv8 , M121212 , P'Gell , chidoll , The Curious Couple , Miss Morphine , daniel and frances , tickle me pink , Bunnycups , Jordan B , ConnerJay , Highmaintenancegirl916 , Lucky21 , Peggi , Missmarc , Stinkytofu10 , ily
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littlezimmey littlezimmey
It's hard because it all depends on what you're in the mood for. But I love me some stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut
sexygoddess sexygoddess
What.. no round table?!
Waterfall Waterfall
I like a lot of the local places in Boston, but when I was living in PA Papa Johns was the best choice.
alliegator alliegator
Papa John's is my favorite pizza, but I'm addicted to Dominos' cheesy bread.
Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake
Papa Johns has got to be the best fast food pizza. I LOVE the garlic dip. But recently I noticed Dominos is pretty good, never had it until recently because we moved about 20 minutes away from Papas (when we lived right across before ) but Dominos is down the street and so is Pizza Hut but we prefer Dominos

...BUT BJ's Pizza is pretty good if you want restaurant pizza.
link82 link82
Great question! I actually can't stand Papa Johns!
Sammi Sammi
I love Papa Murphy's . I also like a local place here that makes some unusual pizzas, including a broccoli/sunflower one that is to die for.
married with children married with children
godfathers is pretty good, if you have one around where you live.
kawigrl kawigrl
i get whatever is the cheapest so they tend to suck anyway
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
The local non-chain places are usually the best.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I love papa johns pizza!
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I totally agree with Gunsmoke on this, local are usually the best.

Pizza Haus and the Original Cottage Inn are two of the best around me (within a drive). If you're in Royal Oak (Detroit suburb), Pizza Piseano (sp) is great NY style pizza.

I can't stand Papa Johns...at all. Heartburn and indigestion all day. Domino's is my favorite "fast food" pizza place.

...damn...now I want pizza for breakfast!
PassionQT PassionQT
I like locals to0, that don't have more than one or two locations. I've tried a few local places where the pizza is blah, so I typically am drawn to the ones that claim to be "NY Style" since I grew up in Jersey. I can't stand Papa Johns, Dominos, etc.. Chanellos and Rita's are less palatable in my opinion, but I will eat all of those if there's nothing else around.
padmeamidala padmeamidala
Originally posted by phunkyphreak
I am just curious out of chain pizza places who likes what? I like some local chains better the national.
I love pizza hut. There is one nearby and it's always a luxury to order from there.
That Guy That Guy
Gino's East. Everything else is crap.
gone77 gone77
Papa John's, baby. Unfortunately, they don't deliver where I'm located and tend to be more expensive than other chain pizza places, so I rarely eat it. Dominos is my second fave. They're seriously improved their recipes and my fam eats their pizza most often.
sexyk515 sexyk515
papa johns
BadassFatass BadassFatass
I tend to like local places better.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Local - Bizzaro's Pizza. Run by an Italian family that makes those 24" house size pizzas for only $20. Great chewy crust, zesty sauce, fresh toppings. They slice their sausage instead of cooking up bulk sausage. Big chunks of vegetables that look like vegetables. My first encounter with their bistro was walking up and finding two old Italian guys smoking out front and arguing in Italian with big grins on their faces. I loved that place from then on.

Chain - Papa Murphy's. The take-and-bake style was a novelty to my ex and me when we lived in Montana. Their stuff was always freshly made or chopped that morning, so it was incredibly fresh when they assembled your pizza, wrapped it up, and sent it home with you to bake in your own oven. Less packaging that way, too. Unfortunately there is no Papa Murphy's in Florida.

I also admit a little love for Hungry Howie's and their flavored crust. Florida-only chain, I think.
Carolinagirl08 Carolinagirl08
We have a local chain called lascas. Pizza Inn is good also.
Shellz31 Shellz31
We don't have most of those here - except Dominos and Pizza Hut.

But I think the Aussie ones are better - Eagle Boys and I use to LOVE Pizza Haven!
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
Fireside Pies. But they are extremely expensive, so we have only had one on two different occasions—though they were two very memorable occasions! We love the Pepperoni and Truffle Oil pizza that comes with shredded basil. I wish I could try all their other pizzas, too. And their salads are definitely among the most amazing salads I've ever had.
hjtee hjtee
We don't have any of the chains listed above. In Eastern Canada we have Pizza Delight, which is my favorite.
We also have a small shop called El Greco's, my husbands favorite.
dv8 dv8
Originally posted by sexygoddess
What.. no round table?!
I prefer local gourmet pizzas but for fast-food chain pizzas, Round Table's the best.
EndlessFrost EndlessFrost
Hungry Howies. Delicious flavored crust. For big chains, Dominos for thick crust, Pizza Hut for thin.
ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
There's a local place here called Bazbeaux that's pretty awesome. My bf and his brother used to work there. All their ingredients are fresh and delicious. And they serve a lot of local beer. I loves me some beer and pizza.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I don't eat much pizza from restaurants usually it is bake at home pizza bought at the warehouse club but when I do it Papa John's. When I lived in buffalo it was local chains all the way.
M121212 M121212
I like Bon Vivant. It's a pizza place near my work that does thin crust pizza with lots of good vegetarian and meat options. The shop is run by deaf or partially deaf people, so that's fun as well and adds to my local culture.
P'Gell P'Gell
I live in Chicago. I am of Southern Italian heritage. We basically invented GOOD pizza. (Southern Italians in Chicago.) I don't like "New York Style" Pizza, I don't like thin crust pizza, I don't eat at chains like Pizza Hut or Dominos. Even though I can't eat Dairy Products, many of the Italian run local Italian restaurants will make you a pizza with no cheese, or we make them at home with soy cheese.

In Chicago, pizza is a very tender subject. Why anyone near Chicago would even go to a "chain" with all the good restaurants we have here is a mystery to me.

I'm a Pizza and Italian food snob. IMO, Stuffed crust pizza is an abomination unto the Italian! "White Pizza" is even worse. Real Italian pizza, made the Roman way is more like Foccacia. My Great Grandmother, my Gramma and all my relatives would make "pizza" that most would consider focaccia. None of them ever put cheese (other than a sprinkling of Romano or Parmesan, once in a while) on a pizza, nor would they put tomato sauce. My grandparents wouldn't even eat any pizza with cheese and tomato. "Tomato is for gravy." (Italian tomato sauce for pasta.)

When we have "American Style" pizza, (meaning it has cheese or at least toppings and tomato sauce) it's thick, not too many ingredients (Italians do NOT eat "garbage pizza, with a dozen toppings, or 6 different "meats" ) and the crust is rolled over to keep the sauce from running, and the crust is NEVER filled with anything, least of all cheese.

Sorry, but I was brought up in a family that came from poor peasant stock, who abhorred bread and oil, as that was all they often had to eat in the Old Country. (Now bread and oil is stock and trade in most high end Italian restaurants, my ancestors only ate it to keep alive. They never ate it again once they came to this country and could eat pasta, like the Contadina used to in the old country.) They honored food and would have rather gone hungry again than ate less than great food. IMO, all chains are far from great. I like small hole in the wall Italian restaurants for our pizza (NO CHAINS) or to make it at home. (although, I admit, I LOVE bread and oil. I must be a throw back to my roots. My family would only eat Italian bread with butter, the way the "rich people" ate it.)

I am not at all different than any Chicago born Italian. That's just the way we are, very opinionated about our pizza, our sauce and our pasta. Most of my Italian relatives won't even eat pizza or pasta from ANY restaurant, as it rarely measures up to home made. We have a Southern Italian/Sicilian place near our house, we know the owner. He is the owner of ONE restaurant, not a chain (he's Sicilian, so he's Way Southern) and we eat there or make our Italian food at home.

Talk to any Chicago Born Italian. They will feel the same way I do. You wouldn't catch me dead in a chain pizza restaurant. My grandparents would come back to haunt me if I did. I could see my Papa, he'd smack me on the head and say, "Watsamatta You? You no eata dissa dog shit!"

What other people like is up to them, but don't think your chains are so good UNTIL you've eaten in a little storefront Italian Place in Little Italy, run by a guy named "Tony" or "Mikey" and then compare. You'll know it's a good place, because the owners kids or grandkids will be running around the kitchen and the restaurant and there will be a lot of yelling in the place. LOTS of yelling.
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