Why do people have to be rude?! :D

Why do people have to be rude?! :D

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Well, I bet you all know at least one person, even if just remotely, who just enjoys being an insolent, rude, hurtful fuckhead, always being rude at least to one person, and oh, not to mention the ridiculous behaviors on the net where weasels hide behind screen names throwing mud at others! ~growls

So I just wonder sometimes: we, human beings, practically want nothing else but a peaceful life having the basic means to survive, harmony and love inside and around us, and that little extra pleasure in various things what make us happy, content and always jolly, or at least most of the time...

And then you see those folks fucking around with others, hating others, very often "cause they just don't like your face", and we all know that there are people who had/have an extremely hard life, and can hardly handle it, ending up being rude with others, and there are folks who are just plain assholes, or "evil" - as indeed, there are people like that, like those really tainted serial killers, who really feel no compassion, who get off on unimaginably horrible things, and many of them always had a good enough life, and some are just so content with everything that they top it off with such weird things...

But other than that, really... Don't you wonder sometimes how come that simple people, living just like anyone else, enjoy hurting others, not caring what they cause with it? Yes, when someone is fucking around with you you snarl back sometimes, and you feel a kind of satisfaction when the person stumbles, or feels hurt just like you did because of him/her, but I don't see any "acceptable reasons" why we shouldn't give at least the basic respect and polite behavior to the other human being (and just in general, everything around us), why some people "don't notice themselves", that it makes no sense practically what they do to others only because that's what feels good for them... (Yep, some people can handle their anger very hardly for example, that is understandable - I mean those now who don't even try to better themselves to avoid such incidents...)

Just dropping the topic in, curious about your opinions... ~lays ears blushy
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Ansley Ansley
There are some people who live such unfulfilled lives that they feel the need to cause drama in other places. Negative attention is better than no attention at all, so anything that causes eyes to fall on them makes them feel good. There's no such thing as evil. There's just right and wrong.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Unresolved anger and lashing out at others because of it.
js250 js250
I dislike it when people treat others in this manner. And when I am treated like that it makes me even more solitary--I do not want to nor do I have any inclination to respond. But then I get angry....
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Hahahaha! I'm surounded by these types of people all damn day!
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