World record in bra opening: 56 per minutes

World record in bra opening: 56 per minutes

Eugler Eugler
I just read anywhere in the internet about the world record in opening bras. Thomas Vogel from Germany can do 56 in one minute. Sounds few. I would love to challenge this record but nobody has 56 bras.


Just reading stupid facts about sex:

Women who play video games regularly have sex more often: 4,3 times per week v/s 3,2 times per week

81% of women think that men who wear a tuxedo look sexy.
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Ansley Ansley
56 bras in one minute? That's impressive, I'm a chick and I can barely take my own bra off. Husband is ace at it though.

I think some men look sexy in a tuxedo, but not all of them. Just really depends on the overall look (and if the situation calls for a tux or not).
shorejen9 shorejen9
Wow that's a lot!
I agree with Stormy, a well fitted tux on a man in the appropriate situation is sexy.
Bleu Bleu
My boyfriend was very good at taking off my bra. I will go to him for help from now on since I don't think I could take my own bra off 56 times in a minute...or once. ;+; Not being able to see it is a downfall. I don't think you would have to have 56 bras, just 56 women. I think I saw a video of him performing the record and it was just 56 women lined up and he went in a line and unhooked them.

More guys are gamers = more girls who can relate to them. I'd believe that. My boyfriend and I play tons of videogames together. Girls who criticize and don't understand the gaming process most likely get filed into the "nagging" category and no sexy times for them.

I also have to agree with Stormy. If the mood is right and the situation is perfect almost any guy can pull off a tux. I think it reminds women of class and wealth. Tux are like men-lingerie for women.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Where's the fun in shucking the bra off so quickly? But I do think 56 in a minute is impressive. I can also guess his technique (holding each side of the catches by the length of the index and middle fingers of each hand), and would think that more time is spent moving on to the next one than the actual unhooking of it.

C is a gamer, and he's always ready - I also think gamer guys watching girls game is a turn on for them. I know after a session on the Wii, he's revved to go.

I prefer suits and ties over tuxes. I've seen too many real life guys who look like monkeys as opposed to looking sexy in them. Although, a morning suit on the proper man-figure is incredibly delicious.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Impressive - but I guarantee her's not going to that fast taking of bras like my wife's 4-clip 32-G bra!
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I can grab 56 boobs in a minute. Is there a world record for that?
hjtee hjtee
Quick like a lightining bolt.
Rory Rory
So how does he find 56 women they all need their bras unhooked at the same time??
Ex-prude Ex-prude
That's a lot of bras. And as for the video game stat, it's because they date guys who sit around playing video games, too, and they both have to get their exercise somehow.
Eugler Eugler
Originally posted by Rory
So how does he find 56 women they all need their bras unhooked at the same time??
Good question.
For exercise I guess it's difficult but to prove your record it's easy. You just have to call a yellow-press newspaper or broadcasting station and they will do everything that's necessary.

I remember in class 8 there was a guy at my school who perfectionated the technique of opening bras through sweatshirts so he could do it in less than a second.

He took the two ends with the hooks between thumb and middle finger and made a little movement and that was everything.
roskat roskat
Mr. Vogel has some very quick hands. Impressive.
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