Writer's Bloc

Writer's Bloc

kck kck
Oh, man. I never suffer from writer's bloc, but here I am, 3 days after a deadline and still only 6 out of the required 20 pages written. Obviously, I'm not talking about a sex toy review here. I'm talking about lengthy, scholarly research work.

My questions to you are...
What do you do when you suffer from writer's bloc?
How do you find your inspiration?

This thread is for anyone to respond to, but responses from those who are in/have completed The Almightily Ass-Kicking Graduate School Experience are of special interest.

And back to writing
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I am not, nor have I ever been, in graduate school. But I do write, and I have definitely had writer's block. A couple of things that help are to just start writing. Maybe not your paper, but something, anything. That will help to get the flow going. Another that helps me is to talk about what I should be writing about. It gets the thought processes working.

Hope that helps! And good luck!!!
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Have you tried the outline method?

-blah blah
-blah balha (blah)
- boogity
- blah blah

kinda like that, but with nonsense words? (Blah is very special to me)
kck kck
Thanks you guys! I just had to sit myself down, make an outline, and then just write. Finished
Envy Envy
I agree with the outlining. It also helps me take notes easier. Sometimes writing first thing in the morning helps, after a nice cup of coffee. I'm awake, refreshed, and ready to go.
Tuesday Tuesday
Another technique that can help is to just write whatever thoughts you have without worrying about quality just to get words on paper. Write with the expectation that what you'll write won't be good, but may give you a starting point. Its much easier to edit than to write from scratch. Sometimes you'll find that your stream of consciousness writing isn't so bad. Even if it is all bad doing this can sometimes help to unblock you.

This is the trick I used in college.
Tuesday Tuesday
This thread reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit on the prolific writer Stephen King. He was being interviewed and typed continuously while talking, making coffee, etc. Then he stopped typing for a few seconds and said "Uh oh. Writer's block." Then he started typing again and said "Its gone."
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Well, I'm working on my second bachelor's degree which I know isn't quite the same as graduate school. But my favorite ways to battle writer's block are to either use music that tends to get my brain working again or I like to talk through what I'm trying to write and use a tape recorder. I don't know why but sometimes talking comes out clearer and easier than just typing.
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