You're offered millions of dollars to star in an adult themed reality show...A question?

You're offered millions of dollars to star in an adult themed reality show...A question?

Martiniman Martiniman
An adult cable channel has offered you and your partner millions of dollars to star in an adult themed reality show and the money is enough that you would never have to work would be extremely wealthy!

The show is based on BDSM and a D/s relationship (Dominant/submissive) between you and your partner. You will live in a mansion for a year with cameras following you 24/7. All activities would be filmed, and nudity and sexual activity are required.

Experienced couples in said fetish are welcome, but the producers are looking for couples who are normal and inexperienced in BDSM and D/s relationships. They are wanting to document the progress, growth and psychological changes of both the dominant and submissive over the year as they learn and grow in their role as either the Dominant or submissive.

They are looking for numerous couples with varying ages and body types...and they approach you and your partner about starring in the show as one of several couples to be featured on the show.

My questions...

Would you be somewhat interested and at least listen to the offer, considering it or would you immediately say no?

Would you say yes and be very excited, for the money and the experience?

If you said yes, and the producers asked you first, before your partner, which role you wanted, would you be the Dominant or submissive partner in the couple?

If you said yes, would this be a one year experience for the money or would you hope it permanently changed your relationship with your partner...continuing on with a D/s relationship?

Bonus Questions:

If you are currently in a normal and traditional relationship with your partner and they broached the subject of a D/s relationship with you, what would be your immediate response?

Would your initial feeling be that you wanted to be the Dominant, always in charge or would you want to be the submissive, giving the power up in your relationship?
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Hummingbird Hummingbird
OKay, I'll bite.... (no pun intended)

1) I would at least listen and consider the offer.
2) Both the money and experience would entice me.
3) I would choose submissive
4) Would hope it would permanently change my relationship in that my SO would be the more aggressive of us two.

I'd jump at it though I don't think my SO would ever ask.
If giving up the power means being the aggressor, yes but I would still from time to time want to be able to assert myself and my desires.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I would seriously consider it.....if I didn't have children. Having children kind of messes up this idea.

If my husband came to me and wanted to have that type of lifestyle, it would shock me. It would be something we would discuss and explore it a little. But I truly wouldn't imagine ever seeing that happen.
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