Strip clubs and why are they so looked down on.

Strip clubs and why are they so looked down on.

AnalArtist AnalArtist
I went last week with a couple of my friends to a strip club. I had an amazing night, it was so much fun and just nice to have some fun and laugh with not only my friends but the dancers as well. Meet some nice girls and I knew nothing would come of it. I've been talking to people and I describe more and more people hate/look down at strip clubs. I have friends talk about drug us in public, I say I went to a strip club and looking at me weird. I hate to imagine if I told them I love sex toys, Has this happened to anyone else?
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Originally posted by AnalArtist
I went last week with a couple of my friends to a strip club. I had an amazing night, it was so much fun and just nice to have some fun and laugh with not only my friends but the dancers as well. Meet some nice girls and I knew nothing would come of ...
Nope. Course most of our friends are Navy so they've ALL been to one at least once. The only thing that I am wary of about strip clubs is that some clubs are notorious (there was one by our last base) for their girls having sex with their customers. My friend actually had sex a few times with one of the girls after the pre-requisite of buying her gifts and giving her money "for her kid". Not saying all strip clubs are like that, some are very reputable indeed. But Strip clubs get the same stigmas like looking online for partners, etc. While we're certainly socially and sexually evolved, some people just find things taboo.
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
I think one of the other main concerns about strip club, beyond the knee-jerk distaste reaction, is simply because it seems (and is often true, but not always) that people who work there are not treated well/paid well/etc. It's the same issue as with mainstream porn as a whole - choosing to do it is fine, choosing to consume it (watch, in this case) is fine, but the process by which this kind of entertainment is created is often unhealthy or abusive to the people involved.

I'm not at all against strip clubs or porn, just speculating about the variety of reasons for negative reactions to an innocent strip club outing.
BeeLeaveMe BeeLeaveMe
MY husband and I both work in the...lets say 'criminal justice' field. In this city and most cities strip clubs are looked down upon. Not just because they lower property values and crimes rates go up. But it is in fact true that illegal conduct regularly takes place at strip clubs. Everything from drugs to prostitution. We're not talking every once and awhile, these things happen on a daily basis, even in the most classy strip clubs.

Just because you have a great time and the girls are nice doesn't mean these things aren't going on behind the scenes. I've seen it first hand numerous times.
Anica Anica
I don't mind porn, but I do mind strip clubs. Of course, if I know before hand (for like a bachelor's party or something) that's different, I trust my husband. To me, it seems more "real" that something could happen because there's a person right there in front of you as opposed to porn. But, if I know or if I go with, then it's okay. I'm all about communication.

Now, for single people wanting to go and have fun, be safe and have fun!!!
Gary Gary
I actually got to play a show in this really dingy strip club in Delaware about 2 years ago, and it was amazing! If I was just stopping in to blow some money I probably would have been extremely disappointed, but it was such a great time. It was kind of like spending a whole evening in the no-budget version of a Motley Crue video. There was a girl dancing a few feet in front of me throughout our set. Even people I know who go to strip clubs looked down on this place.
Cinnamon Chambers Cinnamon Chambers
I love going to strip clubs. It is hot!! I hate going with a group of girls and needing a male escort. That sucks. I can say that here in El Paso MOST of the clubs our friends go to are easier to get laid in than going to a regular club or bar. I have heard strippers and military guys have soft spots for each other.
jedent jedent
Okay, I'm actually an under cover author here, and I have a novel that is coming out on Wednesday about the strip club industry and why it is looked down upon and what the inner workings really are, and how not every stripper is a prostitute, etc. I dont want to whore the link, but if anyone is interested, send me a PM.

Now, as for strippers, a very dear friend of mine was a stripper for five years. She was asked to do things that she didnt want to do nightly at one club, and even lost money because she refused to do "what the other girls did." She would basically be ran out of clubs for not hooking. Now, the entire time she's working the clubs she's putting in applications for the various sheriff's and police departments all over the area because she wants a career in law enforcement. The girl was basically working to pay for her schooling, and is now in academy and on her way to becoming a deputy coroner.

Not every stripper is up to no good. Even in cities where it is rampant and there's "something going on every night," there are girls out there who just wont do what you're expecting them to because they have standards. That's what my book is about.

I am actually fascinated by the industry because of everything that goes on in it. It's quite brutal and there's a lot of prejudice and tragedy on the more personal levels. As a customer it's kind of easy to group everyone who works at a strip club as one thing, but everyone's got a story. That's what's so fascinating about it.

I think that the mischief in general is what draws people to them and away from them, and it's all a matter of what you expect to get out of it.
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