Hey y'all! I'm a newbie- where do I begin?

Hey y'all! I'm a newbie- where do I begin?

Cocomo44 Cocomo44
I just found this site four days ago and I'm overwhelmed by all of the options!
I'm slowly spreading my wings and trying new things. (forgive the rhyme. haha)
Any suggestions on where to start?
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T&A1987 T&A1987
I've posted this before, but it's still a good post for newbies:

we have great forums where we discuss pretty much everything.

There's also a bunch of link, for everything from cooking, to making your own toys.

For the readers and writers, try the magazine/blog link or link

and if you're interested in learning more and improving reviews, try the link
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
All you can really do is explore at your leisure. Check out all the different products. Meet the people. Read the forums and articles. There's a lot to discover!
I definitely suggest checking out the mentor program. It is immeasurably helpful when it comes to writing/improving your reviews.
Sammi Sammi
Welcome to the community!
Cocomo44 Cocomo44
I've skimmed some of the forums. I just bought a few toys and I'm excited to try them out and review. It's my first time buying toys so I'm hoping they work out well.
I'll keep on exploring. Thanks for the input!
married with children married with children
Gracie Gracie
Welcome to EF! Ask if you have any questions! If you are interested in reviewing the products here I strongly suggest the mentor program!
Bleu Bleu
Welcome to EF! Stay a while We don't bite~
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