SEPTEMBER 2012--All new members who joined Eden this month, leave us a post and let us know who you are. We would really like to welcome you and get to know you!!

SEPTEMBER 2012--All new members who joined Eden this month, leave us a post and let us know who you are. We would really like to welcome you and get to know you!!

js250 js250

Members who have joined in the month featured at the beginning of the discussion -please leave a post introducing yourself to the rest of us. We can look out for you a little better and make sure your experiences are positive ones.

Introduce yourself by letting us know: if you are new to toys, what your interests are, how you found us, your plans as a member (are you going to review, shop, join a club, etc.), and anything else you might wish to share.

For those of us who are not new members -- make sure you stop by to welcome our newbies!! Show them how happy we are to have new friends in our community!!
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Speedy Speedy
Im new my sister told me about this site, so I decided to check it out my self, but I'm new to toys, I never used one. So since I'm married now maybe that can change and me and my sister can share. But as of right now im kind of clueless
Risque Risque
I set up my account in the last few days of August but didnt really get started until about a week ago. I found out about the site from a friend and really didn't think much of it until I checked it out. I love it! The whole process is great and tons of great people. I submitted my first review to my mentor a few days ago so on my way to to becoming a fellow reviewer. Will my rank change at all before my review is published? I am fairly new to toys as well. Only been using them for a few years but love trying new things!
Lynx Lynx
I guess I'm not technically "new" but I'm new to the forums, and actually browsing the site seriously. A friend and I both started in late March, and she's been raving about how awesome the site is, and how I should actually get on more, so finally, 6 months later, I'm doing what I should have been all summer. I'm definitely new to toys, I own none, but hopefully I'll be able to get enough points or get into a mentor's class so I can start getting into them.
Absinthe Absinthe
I am fairly new. I actually came across eden by google shopping some toys. I am definitely no stranger to toys, I own a few, have owned a few. I'm very open sexually and prefer sex as one of my favorite subjects, seeing as I have a lot to say about it. Love too, but not in so many lights.
I've come across eden before looking for the best deal for a toy I wanted. My search led me to a better deal elsewhere. Although a $75 purchase costing me $21 isn't a bad story line, I didn't get to see what this site really was and bypassed it. I'm glad I made the turn around to actually check the site out more.
kitty1949 kitty1949
Hi guys! Welcome to Eden.
MzGreenEyedLady MzGreenEyedLady
New to forums. I've been here for a couple months and just stumbled upon this lovely section.
I came upon this website from another community that I am involved in. I was in chat one day talking about toys, and somebody posted a link to a toy that was on this website, and honestly, I got an account to become a reviewer, but I'm diggin' the community thing, so here I am!
I am kind of new to toys. Besides the random stops at Cirillas on my way home from work, I'm just now getting into them. I have a couple vibrators from the Doc Johnson Lucid Dreams line, but other than that, I just have the review toys that I've gotten so far.
I have a crappy next to minimum wage job, and a new car payment, with other bills that takes up about 75% of my income, and on top of that, I'm about to be an Aunt, to TWO babies. So when I get the money, I'll be sure to make a purchase, I do have something in mind right now, but my thoughts change over periods of time.
But just felt I should drop a line.

Good Day!
lovekink lovekink
Welcome to Eden! Hope you have lots of fun in the community!
sweetiejo sweetiejo
Welcome to Eden!!
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