China launches national sex education campaign

China launches national sex education campaign

Victoria Victoria
'China launches campaign to break sex taboos' link
By Ben Blanchard

BEIJING, Feb 15 (Reuters) - China on Sunday launched a national sex education campaign aimed at breaking traditional taboos and getting more people to seek treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and infertility.

Just seven percent of women and slightly more than eight percent of men seek immediate medical help for sexual problems, while more a third of people never seek help, said one of the campaign's advisors.

"These numbers are shocking," Xia Enlan, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Capital University of Sciences' Fuxing Hospital, told a news conference. "The numbers who get medical attention for sexual problems are extremely small," she added. "This delays treatment for some very serious diseases."

The campaign, called "The sunshine project to care for gender health", will feature posters, competitions and sponsorship of an international sex toy fair in Beijing, organizers said, in a bid to breach "painful topics" of sex.
It will be fronted by Hong Kong starlet Yvonne Yung and her husband Will Liu, who will be the campaign's "image ambassadors".

"Sexual health is an important part of family life and good for helping build a harmonious society," said Cui Yandi of the China Woman and Child Development Centre, one of the program’s main sponsors.
China reported a one-fifth rise in syphilis last year, with a total of 257,474 cases, according to the Health Ministry, though gonorrhea cases dropped by a tenth. Read the rest of the article at this link .
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Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
AHHH EF ate my post

This article intrigues me very much. I agree wholeheartedly that a bulk of Chinese society is for the most part in the dark about many sexual health topics, including those that make their way around the EF forum daily. While I don't have first-hand insight into the minds of the young mainland Chinese, I can say as a second-generation Asian-American that my parents are very close-minded/uneducate d about sexual health. I remember my father telling me that I was a slut because I had sex toys and also that I could get STDs from sex toys (which I was NOT sharing). They are both relatively ignorant about all but the most infamous STDs--AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea--and contraceptive/barrier methods.

I am curious as to how this new "sunshine project" will be received. I suspect that the younger people--college students in their early to mid 20s, etc.--will be more progressive and receptive, but I could be wrong. From my personal experiences with Chinese culture, though, I am slightly dubious that a high percentage from my parents' generation will regard this program in a positive light.

And, trust me when I say "sunshine project to care for gender health" sounds much more professional and less hokey in Chinese.
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