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What do you think that the government could do to make prison reform better. We spend way to much trying to rehabilitate repeat offenders that have proven that a third, forth, fifth chance just isn't working yet it costs americans tens of thousands per criminal per year to house them. Any thoughts on what could be done differently?
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Well, we could start by spending more on education than on prisons, which would (hopefully) cut down on the number of people who are incarcerated.
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That is a very good question! I've actually never thought about what could be done to help, but maybe education. I think bringing younger gen. hope throughout the younger years could make a huge difference in their behavior for life. I know in some areas there are gangs and really bad things like that and I believe that a lot of it is due to people feeling like there's no hope, having no where to turn and feeling worthless. I'm certainly not saying that they have an excuse! In my area, there's hardly any violence, thank God! But an hour or away, where my mom works, there's tremedous violence! She's been held up 3 times now and just a few months ago she was and each time, she's had a gun to her head! It's pretty devastating because we are not used to that kind of thing. The thing is, the area where she works is controlled by these "thugs" the police refuse to help and my dad and BF went to see my mom at work several months back and they went metal detecting right close to her work and found human remains and called the police. The officer chewed them both out and said "What the fu** are you people thinking, do you know you're likely to be shot for being white men out here? and I'll probably be shot too"

A car pulled up while they were there with the human remains and the people started yelling "What the F are the police doing here!?" The officer made my BF and dad get down because he was sure they'd be shot!

They asked what the officer planned to do about the human remains and he said not a damn thing. He said if he tried to investigate the murders that happen, he'll go down too!

I think the police need to step up big time! Either do your job, or don't become a police officer. The police also told them that only a week ago there were a group of "thugs" sitting on the same hill they were metal detecting on and throwing BRICKS through the wind sheilds of every white person who drove through!

I never knew the place was this bad until then. I think a big part is the laws need to be enforced and these kind of people need help! I know for sure that the area where this happened could benefit a lot from a little hope. I'm not sure how to bring hope to an area full of this awful stuff, but I think if people had things to do and focus their energy and time on, like different organizations that are popular such as fund raisers and such that people care about would make a difference.

I think people give up on their lives due to hopelessness and turn to violence and crime. I do think the crime rate could be reduced with community programs that have a little something that could interest just about anyone. You'd be surprised at how many people can really get into fun types of fund raisers for those in need. I know that would not be the answer to everything, but it is a pretty good option. Many people would get involved if it were in their communities.

Sorry for the book-long post.
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