Should recreational marijuana be legal?

Contributor: niecyhaley niecyhaley
Should it be legal? And are there any sexual benefits?
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
in California, medical cannabis is legal. the medical issues cover pretty much any kind. a person has to get a Dr. evaluation & certification to be eligible to purchase from any dispensary. also, the certification allows one to be in possession of a minimal amount of medical cannabis if any peace officer finds some in their possession. it's not illegal yet, but you will be busted you are high when driving cuz it's considered under the influence.

growers supplying the dispensaries are licensed & have to follow state requirements. the type of license growers have dictates the quantity they can grow & sell to dispensaries.

one interesting fact about medical cannabis being legal in CA is that it's still a Federal crime. of course, the Feds aren't going to put much effort into busting anyone for this w/ other more serious criminal activities needing their attention. I have never heard in the news or otherwise that anyone has had any trouble w/ the Feds.

my biggest concern about medical cannabis being legal is the competition it creates w/ the huge drug cartels who bring marijuana into our country. too much violence can come of it right here in our own cities. not good, not good at all.

any benefits to sex, nope. from what I hear, medical cannabis leaves one w/ less energy than what's normal for an individual. and the brain is less stimulated too.
Contributor: Aesenthia Aesenthia
If you look at the success that Colorado has had with legalizing marijuana, I think it is a great choice. I worry people will be reckless though and be driving under the influence...
Contributor: Vaginas Vaginas
I highly (pun intended lol) believe in meditation and marijuana over any other medicine
Contributor: JinxPinx JinxPinx
it's ridiculous ppl are doing jail time for a drug like weed. it really doesn't seem that bad to me. Although, i'd agree to things like not being high on the job or while driving and so on...